Month: January 2018

Why Are There So Many Divorces in January?

Termed “divorce month” by many attorneys and individuals who work in the family law field, January has an unusually high rate of divorce. Coincidence? Likely not. There are multiple reasons why the divorce rate exponentially rises during the first month of the year including the holiday season, New Year’s resolutions, increased stress levels, and financial reasons. Keep reading to learn more. An Effort to Keep the Peace During the Holidays Especially true for couples with children and multiple family obligations, many people decide to wait to file for divorce until after the Holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,...

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How to Pick Your Sydney Criminal Lawyers Who are Truly Great?

There are various cases that we have come around from the recent years where people have been required to pay for a hefty price due to the fact that their lawyer could not represent them well in front of the law. Accepting legalities at a light detector may end up being quite a significant mistake and oftentimes, there will not be any choice facing one to rectify the mistake you just did. Thus, in the event that you are organizing into hiring a legal counsel then there needs a careful approach which you must embrace. Aside from preparing a...

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Can Supervised Visitation Eventually Become Unsupervised?

Custody disputes can be messy and complicated. Sometimes courts order what is called supervised visitation, which allows the parents and child to spend time together in a safe environment. But there are things that a parent can do to be able to stop supervised visitation and achieve unsupervised visits. Evaluate the Situation The first thing to do is to evaluate the reason for the supervised visitations in the first place and be able to prove to the courts that this reason is not an issue anymore. There are many reasons for parents to be ordered supervised visitations, including if...

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How to Build a Solid Defense Against a Theft Charge

According to Theft Act 1968 S.1 (1), a person guilty of theft is one that dishonestly seizes a property that does not belong to him with an intention of depriving the other person of it. There are a wide variety of theft charges including larceny, petty theft, shoplifting, burglary, handling stolen goods, grand theft, auto theft, credit card fraud, and embezzlement. Theft is a criminal offense. The charges could result in jail time, heavy fines, or both. The punishment depends on the value of stolen property. If the alleged stolen property value is $500 or less, the maximum penalty...

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Serious Injury Claim: Get an Attorney

Brief Overview Basically, an injury is referred to as serious if it is life threatening, thus requiring admission to an inpatient facility for at least 15 days. A person who has experienced this kind of injury, in many cases, is put under specialized care in his entire life. Burns and scalds, amputation, head and brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are common types of serious injuries. Many a time, serious injuries drain the victim both financially and emotionally leaving him with burdens often too heavy to bear. The process of pursuing a claim under such circumstances can be nerve wracking.  As such, you need a serious injury attorney who will advise you and fight for you in this time of need. Do not worry about the many stumbling blocks you will face with your insurance company. Your legal adviser will guide you in getting the compensation that is rightfully yours. Effects of Serious Injury Serious injuries have devastating effects not just on the victims but to their families as well.   Unfortunately, the results are sometimes permanent impairment, which affects the victim’s quality of life. Consequently, changes to suit the impairment need to be made by the victim. Career-wise, the victims may be forced to change jobs or give up work all together, thus placing an economic burden on the family. Why You Need a Serious Injury Attorney A serious...

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