Month: March 2018

Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Looking for a skilled lawyer can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are plenty of lawyers to select from in every city. However, determining which of those people has the legal knowledge to represent you effectively is often easier said than done. There are far too many people who take a very lazy approach to hiring a lawyer. They simply crack open their local phone book and call the lawyer who has the most attractive advertisement. This is often a mistake that these people end up regretting in the future. You cannot get a...

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How to Choose the Perfect Divorce Lawyer For You

Going through a divorce can be a stressful and difficult experience, even when you know in your heart that it is for the best. One of the most helpful things that you can do to get through this experience is to find a lawyer that will be able to guide you through your situation. However, if you have never gone through a divorce before, you may be worrying about finding the right lawyer to handle your case. First of all, make sure that you chose a local lawyer who is qualified to handle your divorce case in your state. You can’t just hire a lawyer to represent you if they are not licensed to practice in your state. Instead, find a local attorney who is qualified to try a case in your area. For example, if you need divorce lawyer Orlando FL, look for a trustworthy expert in the Orlando area, such as those at My Divorce Lawyer Orlando. This will help you get the support that you need in court. Next, ask around for advice on whom you should choose. You may be surprised to find out that many of the people that you know already have experience dealing with divorce lawyers. After all, nearly half of all marriages will end in divorce, so it’s not uncommon that someone knows a good divorce attorney in their area. You...

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Choosing a Reliable Lawyer For Accidents Due to Negligence

There’s no question that the world can sometimes be a dangerous and confusing place, especially when a person suffers a traumatic event that results in personal injury. No one every expects to be hurt in an accident, but the fact is that accidents happen all the time. The reality is that after an accident, there are many issues that must be dealt with, including getting medical care and dealing  with insurance companies to help get the costs involved covered. The Issue of Negligence The biggest issue to deal with after being in an accident that results in personal injury is the issue of negligence. If the negligence of another party, through drunk driving, medical malpractice, keeping an unsafe work place or myriad other reasons is why you were hurt, that party must take responsibility for your injury. Firms like Thomas & Wickenheiser LLC are trained to deal with these types of situations, which is why it’s important to call a skilled legal firm right away after an accident that causes injury. Dealing With Insurance Companies After an accident, you will have to deal with the insurance company that represents the negligent party. This can be a tricky situation, however, as you may still be in shock after an accident and unsure as how to deal with the line of questioning you may encounter. The truth is that insurance companies...

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Choose a Reliable Lawyer To Help Your Case

Facing a DUI charge could lead to serious consequences. You may have to pay large fines, be incarcerated for a period of time, and get your driver’s license suspended if you are convicted. Having a DUI conviction listed on your criminal record may make it difficult to travel and obtain certain jobs. Fortunately, there are defenses that can be used in DUI cases. Invalid Traffic Stop and Arrest A police officer must have reasonable suspicion to believe that a traffic violation or crime has occurred based on the driver’s behavior. The driver may be swerving erratically between lanes or driving at a rate that exceeds the speed limit. Once the officer has stopped the driver, there needs to be sufficient evidence to arrest and charge the driver with DUI. If the court decides that the arrest wasn’t justified based on the totality of the evidence, the charges may be dismissed. Providing as much detail as possible to the DUI attorney about what transpired during the traffic stop is imperative. If the attorney determines that the police officer didn’t follow proper procedures, it could improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome in the case. Failure to Properly Administer Field Sobriety Test When a police officer suspects that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he may choose to adminster a field sobriety test. If the officer...

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Laying Claim to Your Rightful Benefits

You may have spent years paying into the Social Security system.  It may strike you as unfair that when you apply for these benefits that the disability court turns you down for them. The process for applying for and getting Social Security benefits can be time consuming, frustrating, and difficult if you go about it alone.  By retaining the services of a law firm, paralegal, or Social Security attorney San Antonio petitioners like you could get approved for your claims the first or second time you appear before the judge. Proving Your Disability When you go to disability court, you bear a unique burden of proving beyond a doubt that you cannot return to work.  The judge wants you to show that you have suffered such a severe illness or injury that going back to work would greatly compromise your health or possibly even end your life. However, you may not know how to form an argument or get the records needed to prove your disability.  Your medical provider may not allow you access to the information.  You also may not know for sure what information the judge is asking you for during the hearing. Your lawyer will know what records to subpoena and also know how to form an argument that will convince the judge.  With an attorney to guide your case, you could win your argument the...

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