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Avoiding Court Hearings Through Divorce Mediation

A divorce is never an easy thing to go through. However, you can avoid the stress of a court hearing by going through divorce mediation instead.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is the process in which a couple going through a divorce meets with a trained third party to discuss and resolve issues surrounding their divorce.

What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Divorce is a complicated situation that brings on many emotions and can end up being costly. Luckily, with divorce mediation, you will be able to go through the process with less stress and it will cost less. Anytime you go to court, it is going to cost you a pretty penny with legal and court fees piling up. You will also have to pay for an attorney to represent you. But with the divorce mediation option, you can save time and money on court hearings. One mediator will only be needed to direct you through the process. Additionally, it will be a much quicker process than going through a court hearing. Often times a divorce can be dragged out in court for many reasons, usually for not reaching an agreement. A divorce mediation is usually a more peaceful option in which agreements and terms are met with the help of a neutral mediator. The specially trained mediator knows how to communicate with you to assist in reaching an agreement that is beneficial to everyone involved. A divorce mediation is going to cause less pain than dragging the family through court hearings–especially if children are involved. A divorce is not going to be an easy thing on the children and entire family. Going to court is just going to cause more tension and could cause anxiety throughout the entire family. Divorce mediation is a much more pleasant experience, always taking children and family into consideration.

Steps to Divorce Mediation

Both sides must agree on a divorce mediation. The next step is to find the right mediator for you. As a couple, you can hire one mediator to be the neutral party for the divorce mediation. The mediator will help the two of you deal with becoming independent. They will also be responsible for making sure that you agree as a couple on financial settlements as well as any child custody settlements.

Santa Clara Law Group

Keep in mind that divorce mediation is not the best option for every couple. Emotionally or physically abusive relationships should not go through divorce mediations. Always consult with a Santa Clara divorce mediation attorney to help you decide if this is the right option for you. The legal team at Santa Clara Law Group can help provide you the legal advice and guidance you need to go through with a divorce mediation. They can also serve as a divorce mediator, providing fair and equal representation to both sides.

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