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Divorce Statistics And Factors To Avoid

These are some stats that we have pulled all across the web to show you the state of marriage in the USA and give you some divorce statistics. It is important to note that all the statistics we are giving you are from the US and do not include other countries.

1.) 42%-46% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and 73% of all third marriages end in divorce. This leaves the actual divorce rate of all marriages in the US at a staggering 62%.

2.) The average marriage ends in 8 years and there is a divorce in the US on an average of every 36 seconds. That comes out to just shy of 900k divorces a year in the United States.

3.) After a divorce, 75% of all people will remarry. The average person will wait 3 years before marrying again and a small amount about 6% will actually remarry who they divorced.

So increases the likelihood of divorce?

Moving in with each other early in the relationship (less than 3 months) is the most common trait of relationships that end in divorce. The family law firm at https://www.wsmfamily.com/ says that taking it slow and progressing through a relationship leads to far more success in marriages than those that move quickly through landmarks like moving in, sharing money/bank accounts, and getting engaged.

Another major contributor of divorce is having large amounts of friends, family, and workers who are divorced. The study showed that being around large groups of divorced people normalizes and encourages divorces. Instead of working to make the relationship better people are more likely to just give up on the marriage if influencers around them are giving the advice to give up.

The last thing that increases the likelihood of marriage is being in a relationship where the age difference is more than 6 years. The closer you are in age with your spouse the more likely you are able to identify what your spouse is going through and provide proper support. The other issue that causes problems with spouses with age gaps is children. Often times people will have different wants and needs when it comes to creating a family that strain can often lead to divorces.

So can you do things to decrease the chances of divorce?

The three major common factors found in successful marriages are-

1.) Not having a child or conceiving a child prior to marriage. The experts say that having at least 7 months of just you and your spouse can help solidify a marriage for years. If the start of the marriage is centered around a child it makes things much tougher.

2.) Having money helps a lot! Most everything you read talks about money as the number one issue or fought about things in relationships. It makes sense then that those who start a marriage off making 25k a peice or 50k in annual salary a year are 32% more likely to have a successful marriage.

3.) The last major contributor to a succssful marriage is taking your time moving in together. As stated above moving in early in the relationship leads to higher divorce risk taking things slow help. Those who wait until they are over 23 years old to cohibitate with thier spouse are 23% less likely to divorce.

Hopefully, these stats can help you in your relationship and lead to relationshop habits for you and your spouse. Taking things slowly, waiting until you are older, and having conversations about money and children before getting engage can set your marriage up for success.

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