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Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks with Your Divorce

When a marriage falls apart, it’s a highly emotional experience for everyone involved. There may be bitter feelings about the problems you experienced with your spouse, especially if infidelity was an issue, and there may be fears about how the divorce will turn out. It’s a time of mistrust and desperation, which is just one reason it’s important to hire a divorce attorney in Austin.

A divorce is about more than just separating and going off in your own directions. Throughout your marriage, you built up assets and acquired physical property together, so all of these things must now be divided fairly between you. While the laws in each state are different, every state has some guidelines to help the courts divide assets between divorcing spouses.

While laws are enacted to be fair, they can only be as effective as the evidence presented in court. This is where an experienced divorce lawyer is especially beneficial. It’s up to you and your attorney to know what information the judge needs to make a fair determination. If you’re missing important evidence, such as some of your spouse’s financial records, the judge may make a determination that erroneously favors your spouse. The judge can only consider the evidence shared in court.

The same holds true where minor children are concerned. In divorcing your partner, the custody and support of your minor children becomes a top priority. Lawyers experienced in family law, such as those at NOELKE MAPLES ST. LEGER BRYANT, LLP, can help you pursue a fair arrangement.

While the judge’s first priority is to do what’s best for the child, he will also want to keep the family together as much as possible. However, this is another situation in which the judge can only act according to the evidence provided in court. If your spouse provides evidence that you’re unfit as a parent and you don’t know how to prove otherwise, you may lose custody of your child. A lawyer will know how to respond to those accusations, helping you to obtain a more favorable outcome.

In some cases, you and your spouse may be able to settle these issues cordially through mediation. Even in these cases, a family law attorney can help ensure the settlement is fair and each party’s rights are protected. Since a judge won’t approve an unfair mediation agreement, the expertise of a lawyer can help avoid unnecessary red tape. In almost every situation, hiring a divorce attorney can help you get through this process more quickly. Your lawyer will also help you protect your rights and ensure you obtain a more favorable outcome in your case.

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