Termed “divorce month” by many attorneys and individuals who work in the family law field, January has an unusually high rate of divorce. Coincidence? Likely not. There are multiple reasons why the divorce rate exponentially rises during the first month of the year including the holiday season, New Year’s resolutions, increased stress levels, and financial reasons. Keep reading to learn more.

An Effort to Keep the Peace During the Holidays

Especially true for couples with children and multiple family obligations, many people decide to wait to file for divorce until after the Holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and more taking place in the months leading up to January, people generally do not want to have to go through divorce proceedings during this time. Couples with children may not want to upset them and break family traditions. The holidays can also be especially busy making it difficult to find the time to initiate the process.

New Year’s Resolutions

Many people look at the New Year as a fresh start. People who are involved in unhappy or abusive marriages may decide that their resolution is to separate themselves from the unhealthy situation by getting a divorce. Just how you may see more people in the gym in January, there also may be more people in the family court rooms.

Increased Stress

Everyone knows that the holidays usually mean increased stress levels because of an increase in spending, travel, and family obligations. It is not uncommon for couples to engage in arguments over spending time with the in-laws or deciding where to go for Thanksgiving. This may lead to couples filing for divorce soon after.

Financial and Practical Reasons

For separated couples who are looking to save money, they may decide to go through with the divorce proceedings during January so they can label themselves as married when they file for taxes.

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