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3 Timeshare Transfer Tips

Before you enter into a timeshare contract, you really must be read between the lines before you sign on the dotted line. The timeshare industry has a questionable reputation because the contracts are iron clamped. This fact combined with buyer’s remorse turns into a predicament that has added some tarnishes to this industry.

If you have already entered into a timeshare agreement, but due to circumstances, you must make an exit, you do have options at your disposal. Timeshare transfers offer an exit. Before you start making your exit plans, though, you must look through your contract to see if a transfer is permitted. Hiring the services of a professional well-versed in this situation is another recommendation.

Here are three timeshare transfer tips to consider.


When you need to make an exit from your timeshare contract, you must do some research, first. You need to review your contract to figure out what type of asset you are sharing. Then, you need to research the exit options the resort, for example, offers. Some resorts offer give-back or buy-back programs. This is not true for all, and you should expect to receive resistance. Buyer’s remorse is high in the timeshare industry, so the timeshare owners are seeking to protect their end, too.

Third Party Help

Once you have looked over your timeshare contract and you have read the exit programs offered by the provider of your property, you are encouraged to consult with a knowledgeable third party. Ideally, exiting your contract will not be a battle, but it helps to have a professional advocating for you throughout the process. A third party brings experience and expertise to the table. Based on past cases, they can help you navigate yours, accordingly.

Sell or Donate

For those who find themselves in a challenging situation, selling the timeshare yourself is an option. You can also donate the timeshare to a worthy cause.

Timeshares are meant to be enjoyed. If you need to make an exit from your contract, contact a third party and inquire about the possibility of timeshare transfers.

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