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5 Ways to Express Yourself

Living a genuine life will always include the need to express yourself. Each person has a unique set of talents, feelings and qualities, which is why expressing yourself looks different to everyone. This list contains ideas for finding how you can express yourself.

Fashion Design

Many people find joy by sewing, designing, and constructing clothing. Fashion helps people in expressing their identity. Whether you like grunge or high fashion, there is room for you to express who you are. Not everyone has incredible sewing skills which is why fill in the blank t-shirts are a great option. These t-shirts allow you to customize the product with a special pen. Plus, these t-shirts are machine washable, which means you can change up the message to express yourself whenever you want.


Whether you like dancing at home, in a structured class or at the club, dancing is a wonderful way to get your body moving and be you. Also, many find it helpful to try new classes and learn new dancing skills. Many dance studios offer beginner lessons to help students develop at their own rate. Plus, some online dance studios offer monthly memberships to help students learn how to express themselves in the comfort of their own homes.


Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, baking could be a great way to showcase yourself. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, baking is a great hobby. If you are a beginner, online baking classes are a great way to develop new talent. These classes will help you learn baking foundation skills. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll be on your way to a baking hobby.


A journal is a great way to capture life. Many people think journaling is all about writing, but it can be a mixture of drawing, scrapbooking and whatever you want. Purchasing a journal kit is a great way to start this hobby because it includes all the tools to start at an affordable price. Whether it’s taping a flower in your journal from your walk in the mountains or drawing a picture of the sunset, there are many avenues to express yourself through journaling.


Music allows you to express your inner self, especially when it can be hard to do that with words. If you don’t already play an instrument there are online classes to get started, whether you want to learn the piano, guitar or trumpet. Be sure to play or sing songs that showcase how you feel. Allowing yourself to feel those emotions is a wonderful way to express yourself.

While these are great options for expressing yourself, there are limitless options to showcase you. If this list didn’t resonate with you, grab a pen and paper and start brainstorming ideas and you’ll be surprised by how many ideas for expression you’ll have.

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