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Could a Dash Cam Help in an Accident?

When car accidents a dash cam video can provide valuable evidence in filing a claim.

When car accidents result from the reckless and negligent actions of others on the road, you have the right to seek compensation for the damages you suffer through an automobile insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. In these cases, proving the other driver is liable for the crash plays a key role in getting reimbursed for your medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses you suffer. Dash cam video recordings can end up providing valuable evidence.

The Role of Dash Cam Videos in Your Car Accident Claim

Car dash cams are available in a variety of models and price ranges. Mounted to your dashboard or windshield, they provide an added measure of security by recording clear images of what is going on around your vehicle while you are driving. In the event of a car accident, they can show exactly how and why a crash or collision occurred.

Dash cam recordings can end up providing valuable evidence when filing a car accident claim. When another driver is at fault, they can be used in negotiations with their insurer to justify your claim. They are also increasingly being used in court proceedings, such as when you are seeking damages in a lawsuit. Relevant facts which can be caught on a dash cam and used in your case include:

  • Reckless driving behaviors: Dash cam footage may show other drivers speeding, running red lights, or weaving in and out of their lane, all of which increase accident risks and leave them liable in a claim.
  • Adverse weather, traffic, or road conditions: In addition to the reckless driving behaviors of others, dash cam videos can show additional factors that may have contributed to the crash.
  • Vehicle defects: If the vehicle in front of you experienced a malfunction, such as a tire blowout or other defect, video evidence of this can be used in your favor when filing a claim.

The Downside to Dash Cam Videos

There are some downsides you need to be aware of when using dash cam videos. Be aware that under the New Jersey Statutes, it is illegal to have anything mounted or hanging from your windshield, Despite the name, windshields are one of the primary places dash cams are installed. Be sure and get the right model to avoid a traffic ticket.

In addition, it is important when using a dash cam to be aware that certain types of behaviors that are recorded could also be used against you. A dash cam may show that you were speeding, weaving, tailgating, or engaged in other dangerous driving behaviors. Before showing dash cam footage to an insurance representative or other parties, speak with a car accident attorney first.

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