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Dealing With an Unfair Dismissal From Your Job

Nothing throws a life into chaos more quickly than losing a job. Being fired threatens your financial stability, and may harm your reputation with future employers. If you were improperly discharged from work, you’ll want to clear your name and receive compensation. To accomplish those aims, an attorney’s aid is needed.

Determine the Right Reason for a Wrongful Termination

Making a successful wrongful termination claim is a difficult process. In the United States, unless you have an actual employment contract, you work for the government or belong to a comparably powerful union, you probably work “at-will.” No cause is needed for companies to fire at-will employees. However, this is no guarantee against your getting justice. By explaining your situation and the circumstances of your discharge to an expert in employment law Jefferson County TX, you can obtain a professional opinion on the merits of your case. If it’s a good one, your lawyer can explain to you why this is, as well as your options moving forward and your reasonable expectations regarding each one.

Wrongful dismissals take various guises. You cannot be fired for discriminatory reasons or for claiming discrimination, nor for reporting or refusing to participate in illegal activity. Additionally, courts are sympathetic to evidence of employer bad faith, such as terminating workers to avoid paying out earned benefits, or not abiding by their own guidelines described in employee manuals.

Let a Lawyer Get Your Desired Results

Filing for wrongful discharge must be delicately done, depending on whether you want your job back or are more interested in monetary damages. The nature of your claim and your preferred outcome both influence what arguments should be made and which paperwork completed. It’s wisest to leave those matters in more qualified hands, so let your lawyer handle the heavy lifting. Good attorneys know how to win cases, but every strategy relies on the client’s trust.

Don’t let a wrongful termination ruin your reputation, nor be denied fair compensation. Get a lawyer to get you the treatment you truly deserve.

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