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Do You Need a Lawyer To File for Bankruptcy?

If you’re facing financial trouble that doesn’t seem like it’s possible to negotiate your way through or to pay off, it can seem like there’s no point to spending more money, but the fact is that often an attorney can help the bankruptcy process go more smoothly and get you a better result in the end. While you don’t need an attorney to initiate proceedings, those who have unconventional requests in their petition or complex business bankruptcy cases often find it is for the best. That’s because an attorney can help make the case for additional requests like the discharge of student debt, which is not automatically discharged during personal bankruptcy cases. For businesses, a restructuring bankruptcy that is negotiated to keep the company intact can also benefit from the help of an attorney.

How To Find a Lawyer for Bankruptcy

The best thing to do is to work locally. That’s because attorneys tend to know the courts they operate nearest, and their connections and understanding of the judges and other parties’ likely choice of lawyers is just as important as their legal educations. Since bankruptcy is a negotiated process, any additional insight into the motivations and priorities of those involved can only help. That means for those nearby, a bankruptcy lawyer Rockville MD is going to understand the people as well as the legal situation.

Personal or Business?

While some attorneys handle both personal and business cases, it’s important to understand whether this is the case for your top choices. If it’s not, you need to be sure you’re contacting an attorney with relevant experience in the type of bankruptcy you will be seeking. Otherwise, it’s just not going to be a productive working relationship. It might not even be possible to hire a lawyer who specializes in business cases for personal ones or vice versa, depending on the attorney’s personal experience and office policies.

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