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Everything You Need to Know About Public Liability Claims

We usually understand that public liability claim is a compensation allotted to an injury or damage caused by a third person. But do you know that this public liability claim covers only situations that are related to customers or the general public? No staff is liable under this claim. Most of the businesses opt for this public liability insurance policy and pay monthly premiums to be prepared for any accidents or negligence caused within their premises and make sure they can pay the compensation to the deceased family. 

Generally, premiums for public liability insurance claims are determined on a lot of factors, which include the type of business, its annual turnover, and the level of cover opted for by the employer. Some of the benefits received by businessman or enterprises under this Public Liability Insurance cover are –

  • Business firms can pay the damages caused to the source as well as covering all the legal requirements amended during the claim
  • Provide a safety cover to the business in instances of customer accidents within the company premises
  • ·         Able to provide injury compensation to the deceased without disturbing the business cost management.
  • Helps to overcome the property losses that occurred during the mishap
  • Pay all the lawyer dues during the process of the claim. 

Different types of public liability claims include:

  1. Slips and falls at shopping centre staircases
  2. Injuries in parks or gardens 
  3. Fracture of back, neck or limbs due to the negligence of vendors
  4. Psychological injuries additional added to physical injuries 
  5. Injuries in rental premises like a home or at the office 
  6. The injury occurred at building corridors or staircases 
  7. Injuries caused by public places like bus stations, railways 
  8. Damages caused by any animal 
  9. Injuries caused while playing adventurous sports 
  10. Suffered from food poisoning at any restaurant 

To understand how and when you can benefit from public liability claim I will share some examples to let you know its importance – 

Once a 14-year-old child tripped on a rock while running in the park. The rock had been reported hazardous on many occasions. The negligence of the council left it unattended. So, in this case, a public liability claim can be valid as they didn’t do anything to protect the public from the injury. 

In another instance, a lady fell outside a supermarket due to a puddle of water. This water flowed in from an adjoining shop, which did not have the facility to drain wastewater. Due to their insensitive behaviour, a customer had to pay the price in the form of a fracture. These cases of irresponsibility from shop vendors are liable to form a strong case under a public liability claim. 

Making a public liability claim 

For a claim to be successful, it is for your best interest I recommend you to hire proper public liability attorney who will help you to seek law advice and prove that the negligence of third-party person contributed to the accident. To hire an expert or a public liability team adept in handling these claims, visit website, and get the right advice. 

To make a successful claim, you must prove three things:

  1. The other person was at fault
  2. The other person was negligent towards his duty of care 
  3. The person has breached his duty 

If you can prove the points mentioned above, then your half battle to succeed in your claim is won. Then you can proceed with the process of filing for a public liability claim. This claim will compensate you for your injuries by reimbursing medical expenses, travel expenses, lost income due to injury, and much more. The claim also includes reimbursement of 

  • The cost involved in hiring any specialists for treatment like physiotherapy
  • Domestic assistance during your injury period
  • Compensation for mental and emotional setbacks  

Thus, if you feel like you are entitled to public liability claim and want to get due to compensation, then talk to one of the public liability specialists today!

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