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Is my Car Manufacturer at Fault for my Accident?

It isn’t uncommon for Vehicle manufacturers to sell vehicles produced using defective components to unsuspecting consumers. Of course, most of the accidents that happen on our highways every day are due to the poor and reckless decisions many drivers make. Truth be told, most drivers don’t pay attention to the road and their immediate environment while driving. That is why they get easily distracted and lose control at the slightest change in driving conditions.

However, not all accidents happen due to carelessness on the part of the driver or other parties involved in the accident. Some accidents happen because the vehicle manufacturer was careless enough to sell a defective car to the car owner. So when will your car manufacturer be held responsible for your accident?

If you get involved in an accident and you discover that there is a problem with the design of your car. You are permitted by Florida law to sue your car’s manufacturer to court.

When it comes to types of vehicle defects, the list is almost endless. From wiring defects to seat defect, seatbelt defect, computer defects, the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, there are three major kinds of product defects.

  1. Design defects
  2. Production defect
  3. Warning/ label defects

Regardless of the kind of defect that influenced your accident, having the right attorney in court will definitely help your case. Aside from the fact that you’ll have a well-informed attorney fighting for your legal rights in court, your attorney will also help you explore your options.

Also, you must be able to provide tangible pieces of evidence on the defected products if you want the judge to take your case seriously. When you hire a competent and aggressive personal injury attorney for your court case, you will have a better understanding of your case, and you’ll know that someone is fighting tirelessly on your behalf.

This post was written by Kelly-Anne Jenkins of Jenkins Law P.L. Kelly-Anne is an personal injury lawyer She specializes in personal injury, car accidents, and bicyclist injury. The information on this site is not intended to and does not offer legal advice, legal recommendations or legal representation on any matter. Hiring an attorney is an important decision, which should not be based on advertising. You need to consult an attorney for legal advice regarding your individual situation.

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