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It Happened at 2 A.M.

That phone call everyone dreads woke you from a deep sleep at 2 A.M. Grabbing the phone, you hear your son explain he was in a car accident with a telephone pole, and that he was arrested for DUI. You may have thought it was all a dream, but as you put the phone down, you noticed your feet are cold against the floor, and you feel nauseous. Now what do you do?


An arrest is straightforward when it comes to a DUI. The accused will be booked, placed in a cell, and wait for a meeting with the judge. If you post bail, your son will be out and free to go back to work or school.


You may believe that once your son is arrested he will be found guilty of the crime, but there are many extenuating circumstances that can help your son’s legal case. Hire a DUI defense Maryville TN attorney right away so that an investigation into the accident scene can begin. The street could be covered in oil, there could be an icy patch, or the tires on the car could be worn. Also, even if your son was drinking during the night, it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove how much he drank and when he drank it.


Your son is not automatically guilty because he was driving and had an accident. If the officer came to the scene long after it occurred or he made inappropriate comments or insinuations to your son, your lawyer can use that. The attorney can also challenge your son’s blood alcohol numbers because most of the breathalyzers are not properly maintained.

You can help your son fight the life-long stigma that comes with a DUI conviction. Let an experienced DUI lawyer help you fight for your son’s rights.

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