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Proving Car Accident Facts For Claims

There are some causes for auto accident claims that are more common than others.

While your auto accident cause seems simple to you, it is fair to say that there is a world of difference between knowing what took place and proving the actual facts. This is what motivates us to gather concrete evidence and support you establishing what caused your crash. Some common causes are:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted drivers
  • Tired drivers
  • Drunk drivers

After a car accident, every minute is important. Contact our Youngstown car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

Sometimes, people don’t call an attorney immediately after a car accident. Often, that happens because the cause of the accident seems clear enough. They might also rely on the fact that the other driver admits wrongdoing. They could even believe their accident is minor and the other side’s case is weak.

Never make assumptions. Almost always, it is better to speak to an attorney and discuss your case details. You don’t even have to be concerned about being able to afford a lawyer when you call our firm. We offer a case evaluation for free, plus we work on a contingency. Put simply, you only have to pay us when we win your case. What you may have to pay ate the associated expenses and costs regarding your case.

Distracted Drivers

In Ohio and all over the nation, distracted driving became a leading cause for car accidents. Texting while driving very often plays an important role, even if it is illegal to text and drive in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other states.

Just like texting while driving, other distracted driving examples are adjusting the radio while driving, eating while driving, operating a GPS device while driving, or watching videos while driving. Any activity diverting the attention of a driver away from the road is a potential hazard.

Distracted drivers can cause severe accidents, including intersection accidents, highway accidents, and rear-end accidents. Worst, the vast majority of the distracted drivers don’t reduce speeds before the crash. The end result is that many accidents caused by distracted driving often involve vehicles traveling at high speeds.


In Ohio, speeding is still a common cause for car accidents. In the year of 2013, 273 people have passed away in motor vehicle accidents that were caused by drivers who were speeding, according to official statistics provided by the state government. Speeding accidents create catastrophic or even fatal injuries because there is a great amount of force involved in such accidents. And the faster speeds a car travels, the greater is the impact force when a fast car hits a fixed object or another vehicle. A car speeding at 80 mph or 90 mph on a highway causes more serious injuries or plain fatalities than a vehicle cruising 20 or 30 mph slower.

Even when a car travels within the speed limit, it might be a hazard to other drivers depending on the weather conditions. Freezing rain, sleet, and snow can make roads dangerous, especially during the winters in Ohio.

Drunk drivers

Even if everybody is well aware that drunk driving is illegal, drunk driving accidents are still incredibly common. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 30% of all Americans are bound to be involved in a crash related to alcohol at some point in their lifetime.

When someone is intoxicated behind the wheel and causes a car accident, the negligence there is beyond the shadow of a doubt. The rules have been broken. All accident victims have the right to be compensated.

By the time the police officers arrive at the accident, when there is a suspicion of drunk driving, tests are administered to help determine the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the negligent driver. When you choose to hire our law firm, we work hard to obtain the test results and gather further info. Has the drunk driver rear-ended your vehicle? Has the drunk driver switched lanes without any warning? Has the drunk driver run past stop signs? Regardless of what happened, our team of lawyers will assist you with an OVI injury claim.

Under the law in Ohio, you can seek additional damages over the compensation you have received for your property damage, medical care, and injuries. These are called punitive damages and they are intended to be a punishment to the drunk driver for their disregard for the safety and rights of their fellow citizens.

Punitive damages are not awarded automatically. Success relies on making a strong argument. When punitive damages are appropriate, we work hard to make sure you will receive them.

Reckless driving

Road rage, cutting off other drivers, weaving in between lanes, tailgating, these are just the most common examples of reckless driving resulting in serious auto accidents. We have all seen examples of aggressive drivers on highways and streets throughout Ohio.

When a reckless driver caused you a crash and you take legal action, you are doing more than getting the money you are entitled because of for your accident. You are sending a clear message that reckless behavior is not to be tolerated.

Defining reckless driving can be a subject of fierce debate. After all, most reckless drivers insist that they did everything correctly. Never engage in a debate with these drivers. Let your lawyers do the talking on your behalf. We are experienced in investigating accidents and finding the facts you need to build a robust legal case.

Tired drivers

Every year, over 100,000 car accidents happen involving drowsy drivers. That is one accident every 5 minutes throughout the entire year. Many people would consider driving a vehicle after drinking, however they still drive while tired. And they do not understand that fatigued drivers make similar mistakes to drunk drivers. As a comparison, an Australian research determined that someone awake for 18 hours has an equivalent impairment to a blood alcohol concentration of .05, and .08 is the concentration considered legally drunk in Ohio and other states. In other words, the longer a driver has been awake, the more they will become impaired.

Drivers falling asleep at the wheel cause serious auto accidents such as head-on collisions, speeding accidents, and rear-end accidents. While there is no “Breathalyzer” test to determine how tired someone is to drive, our investigative team can find out whether the driver was fatigued. We also work accident reconstruction experts when supporting a claim. We analyze police reports and find evidence indicating the driver was fatigued. One transparent sign of these accidents is the driver having no memory of the crash and the absence of skid marks.

If you have been injured in any accident it is important to contact Youngstown Car Accident Attorney. An accident attorney will walk you through your option and handle everything for you.

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