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Selecting the Perfect Paint for Your Project

When your home is looking a bit drab, the decision to paint can be a perfect solution. Whether you’re tackling an indoor space or part of your house’s exterior, there are plenty of points to consider before you begin the project. Most important, you have to select a color. Though many people begin this type of project with a general idea of what color they would like to use, it is also common to need some help finding the right shade. Consider these tips to discover a color that you absolutely adore.

Go With the Classics

Following popular trends might seem appealing when you want to invigorate your living space, but what is “cool” now might seem outdated in just a few years. To avoid this, many homeowners opt for classic colors and shades. White and lighter shades are always a good option because they offer a neutral slate for you to add pops of specific colors through the decor you display. Avoid going too dark with any color you select, as this can absorb available light and make a room feel smaller. Stick with light, classic colors for appealing results.

Pick a Unique Blend

While a classic color option might be perfect for some, you could be someone who has very specific tastes. If this is the case, consider creating a color of your own. The method of mixing and sealing paints has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to advancements with tech like the lid press paint can closer, you can have a brand new blend of paint customized and perfectly packaged for use. All you need to do is go to a local hardware or paint shop and look through some swatches to get the process started.

Use the Internet for Inspiration

The internet can offer an array of resources to help you pick a paint color you love. Pinterest and other sites provide a platform for people to share images with each other. A quick search for painting ideas on a site like this will introduce you to an array of fantastic pictures and guides on the subject. When you’re stuck on what colors to use in your home, stimulating your senses on the internet can do wonders to get you out of your rut. 

Selecting the perfect paint color for your project takes a bit of time. Research your options and get creative with where you look for inspiration in order to discover the right way to use color to bring out the personality of your home.

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