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The More You learn About Sexuality The Better It Is

Sexual Assault “It is forcing or violently assaulting the sexual intimacy of a person” goes against justice and charity. It injures the right to respect, physical and moral integrity. It produces serious damage that can mark the victim for a lifetime. It is an intrinsically bad act, an attack against the Sixth Commandment. For the Peter Cedeno NYC this was really a perfect option.

Whoever commits rape proves to be seriously ill, to be incapable of acting as a man and to respect the dignity of a human being.

  • The victims require the understanding and help of their family and the community of faith.
  • The transgressors should not be covered up even if they are friends or relatives since that would only allow them to continue attacking other victims.

In cases of sexual assault it is morally acceptable to administer medications that prevent ovulation (contraceptives). Without ovulation the victim cannot get pregnant. The aim is to avoid conception (permissible only in cases of sexual assault) and not abortion. But there is a difficulty that must be taken into account: The drugs to prevent ovulation can have a negative effect on the wall of the woman’s belly, thus preventing the implantation of a new embryo, in case the woman has conceived as a result of the assault. This would be equivalent to a medical abortion, which is not allowed.

The ovulation test

The ovulation test is used to determine if the victim has begun to ovulate or has already ovulated. If the victim has not ovulated, the drug that prevents the release of the egg is administered. If the woman has already ovulated, it is not administered because it would not have the desired effect of preventing ovulation and it could, if a new life is present, affect the belly wall and prevent implantation. But this test is not safe, especially in cases of rape.

Civil taxation

Civil law in some places wants to force Catholic hospitals to administer the “emergency contraceptive” to any victim of sexual assault who asks for it but does not allow doctors to do the ovulation test beforehand in order not to administer the drug in case the woman has ovulated. The bishops have objected to this law because it does not allow the competent doctors to make the decision that they deem most appropriate according to the case.

The pregnancy test has nothing to do with sexual assault since it only detects a conception that occurred 5 to 7 days before the test (the time it takes the embryo to get to implant in the womb). Only when it has been implanted is that the embryo produces hormones or detectable chemicals in the woman’s urine or blood. In fact there is no available evidence to know if a woman has conceived until the embryo is implanted in the womb.

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