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Tips to Lower Bail Bond Payments

Bail bond amounts aren’t inflexible and may be the subject of change, depending on the judge and your lawyer’s argument. With the right approach, you can actually have that amount reduced and here are some ways to do it:

File After Arraignment

Bail bonds here in Salt Lake County can be filed after the arraignment. During this time, the lawyer can present his case to justify that the accused is not a flight risk or not a repeat offender. This will give the judge the option to lower the bail bond upon request.

Hence, don’t rush too quickly into posting the bond – wait a little while, and a significant decrease may occur.

Not a Flight Risk

The whole point of filing a bond is for the court to be sure that you’ll appear when it’s time for trial. If you can prove that you’re not a flight risk, however, there’s really no need for a bond or the bond itself can be reduced. What does flight risk mean?

Basically, it means that you’re not likely to run away as soon as you’re allowed out. You won’t go anywhere that the authorities can’t catch you. How do you prove this? By showing evidence of permanent residence in your area.

For example, you can tell them about your source of income in the area, owning property in the city, or having a family living in the area.

First Offense

Bail may also be lowered if it’s the accused’s first offense. Again, the whole point of the bond is to prevent escape. First offenders, however, are unlikely to try to escape and are considered of good standing in the community. Hence, there’s a chance that their bail will be lowered.

Note, though, that the crime accused of also matters. Heinous crimes or those that are severe may not be granted bail if the evidence against the accused is strong. For other crimes, however, bails are a matter of right.

Bail on Recognizance

In some cases, the accused may be allowed to post bail on recognizance. This simply means that they’re allowed out on good faith when someone vouches for their personality. Usually, this person is an upstanding member of the community.

In some cases, even the accused can be let out on his own recognizance if he can prove that he is of good standing. With a good lawyer, this can prevent the need for a money bond.

Bail May Not Even Be Needed

Note that sometimes, bail isn’t even necessary. This is because the alleged crime is past the statute of limitations, or there’s no probable cause to justify the filing of a case. Wait for the prosecutor’s decision on whether a case will be filed before even contemplating bail bonds.

Of course, these are just some of the ways to reduce bail bond payment of an accused in a criminal case. Remember that the amount of bail bonds are discretionary, which means that with proper justification, it can actually be lowered or even eliminated entirely.

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