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What to Do if You Get Attacked By a Dog

Being attacked by a dog can be a terrifying situation. If you have found yourself dealing with the aftermath of a dog bite, you might be wondering what you can do. These are some of the main steps that you should take after being attacked by a dog.

Call and Report It

It’s important to call and report the dog bite or attack as soon as possible after it happens. If the dog is loose, then there is the risk that it could attack someone else. Calling for help immediately will help you ensure that the dog is handled appropriately by professionals. Additionally, reporting the attack as soon as you can will help you start a paper trail related to the attack.

Seek Medical Treatment

You should not hesitate to seek medical treatment after being attacked by the dog. You may have wounds that could get infected or that could cause other serious problems for you. Additionally, the dog might not have been vaccinated, so there is the risk of rabies.

Document Everything Related to the Attack

It’s also a good idea to document everything that is related to the attack. You can write down a description of the dog’s appearance, information about where you were when the attack occurred, what types of injuries you sustained from the attack and more. All of this information may come in handy later on if there is a court case related to the attack.

Consult an Attorney

You may need expensive medical treatments because of the dog attack, and you might miss work. If you click here and find out more about hiring a lawyer, you can hire a professional who can represent you in a lawsuit against the dog’s owner.

Being attacked by a dog can be a terrifying situation to be in. However, if you know how to handle the situation after a dog attack, you can help take care of yourself. Following the steps above can help you handle the aftermath of the dog attack in the best way possible.

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