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When Might You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Family Law is a very broad category of law that covers virtually any and all situations, issues and/or conflicts that you and your family can face. When you do, your best interests dictate that you consult with an experienced family law attorney.

Family Law Divorce Subcategory

When you need advice, counsel and representation for your family law Hernando County FL divorce matter, your attorney can guide you through any and all of the following:

  • Divorce
  • Annulment
  • Legal separation
  • Child custody, visitation and support
  • Spousal support
  • Property settlement agreement
  • Divorce mediation or collaboration
  • Post-divorce modifications

Other Common Family Law Subcategories

Family law is not limited to matters of divorce only. Instead, your family law attorney can help you with all of the following:

  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Adoption
  • Paternity establishment
  • Order of Protection or restraining order (either obtaining one or defending against one)
  • Domestic abuse defense
  • Child neglect, abuse, endangerment or abandonment defense
  • Juvenile delinquency defense
  • Family reunification if the Florida Department of Children and Families removes your child(ren) from your home

Advocacy and Support

Depending on the type of family law issue you face, it can turn your world upside down. You may find yourself feeling angry, stressed, frightened, depressed, etc. If this is the first time you’ve ever had to go to court, you have no idea what to expect. Your family law attorney can serve as your strongest emotional support provider. Not only can (s)he help allay your fears, you know that (s)he will protect your rights and aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Free Initial Consultations

Choosing your family law attorney likely will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. While recommendations from friends and perusal of attorney ratings can help you narrow your field of possible choices, you won’t really know how you and a particular attorney “mesh” unless and until you meet with him or her personally. Consequently, you should avail yourself of the free initial consultations that many family law attorneys and firms offer.

Things to Look For

Whether or not your initial consultation is free, you probably will want to find out the following the first time you meet with a family law attorney:

  • Does (s)he practice family law only?
  • Has (s)he practiced family law for a number of years?
  • Does (s)he hold a Marital and Family Law Certification from the Florida Bar Association?
  • Does (s)he belong to the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar Association?
  • Does (s)he treat you with respect and empathy?
  • Does (s)he listen to your concerns, fears, goals, objectives, etc.?
  • Does (s)he advise you of your options?
  • Do you feel comfortable with him or her?

Also be sure to find out his or her legal fees and how and when you need to pay them.

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