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Could You Be Entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

Sadly, some jobs come with high risks of injury or illness. It’s doubly unfortunate when such accidents are preventable, if not for the carelessness of certain coworkers or the workplace at large, and triply so when companies fail to acknowledge wrongdoing. If a work-related mishap has left you sick or disabled, consider whether you have a case for workers’ compensation.

Injuries and Accidents At Work

Workers’ compensation is, in most cases, controlled by the states, which set their own limits on what benefits you can get, under what circumstances, for how much and for how long. Nevertheless, standard on-the-job injuries are the simplest for obtaining compensation. For instance, a construction worker may pull a muscle lifting heavy equipment, or dislocate a joint falling from a scaffolding. Factory workers may be mangled by machinery. Even office workers sometimes suffer broken bones from falling file cabinets or a badly dropped piece of furniture. It hardly matters whose fault the injury is, although obvious misuse of equipment certainly hurts your case.

Injuries and Illnesses Because of Work

While more straightforward, freak happenings are far from everything covered under workers’ compensation. Construction workers who were never harmed by one piece of equipment still develop chronic back injuries from accumulated years of heavy lifting, rendering them unable to continue their jobs and requiring corrective surgery. Similarly, some office workers contract carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive stress actions of using a computer. Factory workers can acquire chronic lung conditions, including cancer, from chemicals encountered in the course of employment. Even when the hazards were known beforehand, or the job exacerbated a preexisting condition, employers are often still obligated to help with any incurred medical expenses.

How and Why Claims Are Denied

Most companies use outside insurance firms to manage workers’ compensation claims. Even if your arguments appear airtight, their agents are experts at making the ludicrous sound plausible. An Orlando workers compensation lawyer is a great tool for poking holes in companies’ claims.

As an example, a company might say that you’re not technically an “employee”, but rather a “consultant and, therefore, aren’t covered. A judge can examine the exact details of your work situation and award you compensation anyway. Likewise, incidents occurring outside company time usually don’t count. If, however, they can be linked directly to the workplace or a specific job task, they could be considered compensable. Attorneys expose and exploit these rhetorical weaknesses. Just as importantly, they advise you on bureaucratic matters, such as correctly reporting your injuries.

You may be sick or injured, but when your company denies you your due compensation, don’t take it lying down. Lawyers can ensure you’re reimbursed for all that’s rightfully yours.

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