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Injuries Experienced Due to A Slip-and-Fall Accident in Washington

As human beings, we do not have the power to predict things or see what will happen in the future that’s why we cannot stop misfortunes and prevent them from occurring. So, if you happen to be in such a situation and got injured, then you may either be the victim or the person at fault. In this case, you may need a slip and fall attorney who can help you with your claims, settlement, hospital and medical fees, or legal concerns in Washington.

After the accident, you may have to stay at home and rest so you can fully recover before going back to your old ways. However, things are not that easy because you may need close monitoring or medical assistance so maybe a therapist, caregiver, or private nurse will do. For an ordinary person, financing your recovery needs might be frustrating, so you will need a lawyer from Washington to get the right compensation.

It is very difficult for an injured person to manage everything, especially when he does not know his rights as a civilian or citizen of Washington. Let’s say that he has friends and relatives around, but are their efforts and understanding of the law enough to fight for your rights? I supposed you know well that the best person to take care of issues related to your accident is an attorney so it is a must to ask one.

Slip and Fall Law in Washington

This law in Washington is usually based on one concept and that is about premises liability – check out https://definitions.uslegal.com/p/premises-liability/ to read further. Now, if you suffered due to a slip and fall, then someone must be liable. As a citizen, you need to be compensated because that is your right.

When it comes to premises liability, we can refer it to the region or someone’s property with an owner who is responsible for any accident that may occur. This premises liability applies to both the public and private sectors. Once the owner or the management allowed individuals to enter this property, he should protect them from any sort of misfortune.

Now, if the floor is wet, slippery, unleveled, or when there is a dangerous situation, then they should be aware of it. When accidents happen and someone got injured after slipping or falling within this area, it is your responsibility. This person has the right to seek compensation and the right to hire a lawyer in Washington to help him to manage the situation.

TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury

When an individual falls on the floor or ground and hits his head seriously, he may then suffer from a TBI. A minor mishap like this includes bruises, concussions, and bumps. While with the major ones, we have hematomas, internal hemorrhages, and skull fractures.

A TBI could be a devastating event in a man’s life because it can greatly change his daily routines. What’s even more difficult is when the function of your brain is affected. The impact on your head may disable other senses or abilities, lead to memory loss, and develop an abnormality in your brain.

Spinal Cord Injury

During an incident and you fell on the floor with your back, then you may have a problem with your spinal cord – look at this for more details. This also happens after twisting or overexerting yourself just to avoid the accident.

In this situation, it is not just the spinal cord that is being considered. Paralysis, as well as, hernias and slipped discs are also included. Treating these usually takes time and patience so it is quite difficult to be in this condition.

I supposed you know that severe chronic pains are often felt so you will surely experience discomfort. Other side effects that may occur include fatigue, loss of mobility, and muscle spasms as well.

Broken Pelvis or Hips

If you were a senior or an elder, falling will surely cause pain in your pelvis or hips. But younger generations are not excused from feeling the same thing after an accident and it will even hurt more when this leads to fractures.

Because of this, you will have to undergo surgery. It is not only the pain that will make you feel uncomfortable. What’s more difficult is that you have to bear with it for a long time since the recovery period requires patience.

Another thing that will make it unmanageable is the effect on a person’s mobility. Therefore, you will surely need someone or an expert to assist you.

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