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What makes you hire a personal injury lawyer?

Legal tussles are never a fair game, whether you are the victim or not. No one will be on your side, especially when you are taking on a claim in the form of monetary compensation after an accident. Look at it this way, all the parties involved have experienced legal representation at the negotiation table. Insurance firms have dedicated full-time attorneys who will protect their interest at all costs. Do you think it will be a fair game when you take up the mantle by yourself?

Many cases on compensation and negligence are complicated with numerous legal loopholes that insurance firms can use to their advantage over you. It’s therefore essential to hire a Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyer with specialized skills, who can play hardball with the other parties to see that you get the deserving compensation.

So, in what instances do you really need a personal injury attorney? While some cases (though seldom) you don’t need the services of a lawyer, the following scenarios should make you book it for a lawyer immediately:

  • You get involved in an accident and sustained severe injuries

The first instance that will require you to have a personal injury lawyer is when an accident leaves severe injuries for you or disables you permanently. In the former situation, you’ll need money to foot the medical bills while in the latter you’ll need compensation for negligence.

  • The accident isn’t your fault

You may either know plainly that it isn’t your fault or have doubts about who is responsible. In either case, you should seek a personal injury attorney who will reconstruct the accident scene and extract reasonable facts without erring. Otherwise, when you fail to do so, insurance companies will pin you down by shifting the blame on you to file for cross-claims and counter-claims.

  • Other parties involved

When you find yourself in an accident that involves multiple parties, it is only prudent that you seek the services of a personal injury attorney to follow up on your claim. When all the other parties involve their insurance companies, it will be a battle to rip the facts of your case and give you the lowest compensation possible. Remember, everyone works to retain as much as possible for their clients. In most instances, claim tussles also proceed to court hearings, which may take very long. Within that time, your attorney will file injunctions for your treatment and bills to be taken care of.

  • The insurance company is hoaxing your claim

Finally, you can reach out to the insurance firm and see how they listen and react to your claim. One of the red flags that should send you scampering to look for a personal injury lawyer is when they agree to give you low ball compensation. It is evident that they want to get rid of you before you get someone who has a clear grasp of laws and legal procedures. Moreover, you don’t know what impact the accident will leave on you and your family. Therefore it is only wise when you get a deserving compensation.

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