Brief Overview

Basically, an injury is referred to as serious if it is life threatening, thus requiring admission to an inpatient facility for at least 15 days. A person who has experienced this kind of injury, in many cases, is put under specialized care in his entire life. Burns and scalds, amputation, head and brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are common types of serious injuries.

Many a time, serious injuries drain the victim both financially and emotionally leaving him with burdens often too heavy to bear. The process of pursuing a claim under such circumstances can be nerve wracking.  As such, you need a serious injury attorney who will advise you and fight for you in this time of need. Do not worry about the many stumbling blocks you will face with your insurance company. Your legal adviser will guide you in getting the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Effects of Serious Injury

Serious injuries have devastating effects not just on the victims but to their families as well.   Unfortunately, the results are sometimes permanent impairment, which affects the victim’s quality of life. Consequently, changes to suit the impairment need to be made by the victim.

Career-wise, the victims may be forced to change jobs or give up work all together, thus placing an economic burden on the family.

Why You Need a Serious Injury Attorney

A serious injury attorney is conversant with injury laws as well as legal procedures. He is equipped with the required knowledge necessary to achieve a successful claim. This is your weapon against the insurance companies and their team of advisors.

Insurance adjusters aim to give the least possible settlements or even deny the compensation altogether. You are already facing huge medical bills and wage loss, so you cannot afford more stress. This is where your attorney comes in, takes over, and fights for you.

To receive a settlement, you need to prove that, indeed, you suffered serious injury due to someone else’s negligence. Doing this on your own against a big insurance company is undeniably tricky.  The attorney will help demonstrate that you truly suffered a permanent injury, and you deserve a substantial settlement amount.

Best Attorney for Your Serious Injury Claim

Do not just hire the first attorney you meet. Hire an attorney who shows empathy and deep understanding of your situation.

An attorney who cares is certainly dedicated and focused on your case. He calls regularly to update you on the progress of the claim. He never takes ages or fails to respond to your calls. In addition, he is always ready and eager to respond to any questions you may have.

An Experienced Attorney

An attorney, whose specialty is in the field of serious injury, is likely to have handled many such similar cases. This experience equips him with in-depth knowledge and tactics required to make a successful claim. A friend, family member, or a fellow attorney are excellent referrals of such an attorney. The Internet is also a good source in finding an experienced attorney. It gives you an option to review feedback from a variety of other clients.


A serious injury attorney will guide you into making the best legal decisions. Indeed, hiring the right specialist is very crucial to your case.