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3 Product Liability Claim Categories

Manufacturers and sellers are constrained by product liability. This means they bear responsibility for any defective products they send into the marketplace. While there is no federal regulation regarding this, there are laws governing it on a state level. If you have recently received dangerous or otherwise flawed merchandise, you may be entitled to legal action, though it can be advisable to contact lawyers in Jacksonville FL to see if this really applies in your case.

Though legislation varies by state, in general product liability claims may be classified as one of three categories:

1. Labelling or Warning Defect

This kind of claim is filed when it is alleged that the product had some form of inherent flaw capable of causing harm to buyers. The suit generally states that the producer/merchant knew about this danger and failed to adequately warn potential customers about it.

2. Design Defect

Design defect complaints arise when the actual design, not the construction, of the goods carries innate risk. It must be proven that any hurt incurred is actually a result of some part of the design, such as improperly shaped airbags not cushioning passengers from the impact of a wreck the way they are supposed to because of the shape or the thinness.

3. Manufacturing Defect

When it comes to product liability, manufacturing defect based claims are the most common ones. In this type of case, the plaintiff is not asserting that there is anything wrong with the design itself. Instead, he or she is claiming that the product either does not conform to design parameters or does not perform as safely as intended, creating the possibility of injury. Essentially, there is an issue with how the actual piece was made.

Product liability is more complicated than presented here. However, in general legal matters dealing with it fall under one of these umbrellas. 

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