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3 Tips for Choosing a Holster

The best holster will enable you to defend yourself effectively. Improper holsters may reveal your weapon, allow others to take it from you or cause accidental misfiring, putting you in danger. Your life may depend on you purchasing the best holster for your weapon.


Is your holster easy to wear with your wardrobe? Clothing, such as tactical gear, may be purchased to conceal your weapon, but you want a holster that also fits under your regular clothing. Although some adjustments may be made, such as slightly larger pants with an in-the-waistband holster, a loose or short skirt with a concealed thigh holster or jackets may be worn over shoulder holsters, you may have to make a few wardrobe adjustments, especially if you wear tight clothing regularly.

Handgun Fit

The right holster will be made for your specific weapon. It will also be made of high-quality materials that retain their shape and retention over time. A proper holster should stay open whether your weapon is in it or not, so it is easy to re-holster your firearm.


Your holster should cover your trigger guard completely. In addition, the material covering the trigger guard should not push into the trigger area because this could cause an accidental misfire. The material your holster is made from should be rigid around the trigger so it cannot be pressed into the guard and fire the weapon.

Look at the holster carefully to ensure it does not disengage your gun’s safety no matter how you move. Finally, will your draw motion place your pistol in a position where it would endanger you. For example, is the barrel pointed to any part of your body as you draw your weapon?

After you test and choose your holsters, consider spending time practicing your draw and aim to learn the best way to work with your holsters.

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