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3 Tips for Filing Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim can be a stressful and confusing process. You may already be under pressure from the incident you’re filing a claim for, and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out on your own. Here are three tips for filing insurance claims.

1. Document the Incident

No matter whether you’re filing insurance claims Denver CO or in Wheeling, WV, the process begins in the same way. You must document everything you can about the incident. If you’re involved in a car accident, take notes about the scene of the accident. For example, note damage to the car or cars, any injuries and the contact and insurance information of all involved parties. Do the same if you’re filing a homeowners insurance claim. For example, take pictures of damage or make a list of stolen items.

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider

The next step is to contact your insurance provider to file the actual claim. This used to be most commonly done via a phone call, but most major providers offer online claim filing services as well now. Choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with. Be sure to note the claim number for future reference. You should also note the name of the insurance adjuster if it’s provided. Feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure about anything.

3. Include All Relevant Details and Paperwork

When you file your claim, you or the agent you speak to will fill out forms detailing when the incident occurred, what happened and your contact and insurance information. If you file online, you should attach any photographs you took to your claim. Include any additional relevant details you need to, such as injuries or specific descriptions of damages or losses. Be sure to make copies of all paperwork or ask the adjuster you speak with to send you copies.

If you have questions about your specific situation, you should speak with your insurance agent or your provider’s customer support department.

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