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5-Star Rated Tax Attorneys Atlanta – Cumberland Law Group, LLC


Are you in tax trouble? Did you get a notice saying that something’s wrong but you don’t completely understand what can and must be done? Don’t worry, there are professional tax attorneys who will handle the problem for you.

You probably already know that paying and reporting taxes is the most serious issue. No American citizen can avoid doing it. When it comes to legal persons, avoiding and missing deadlines while paying or reporting about taxes is a highly serious problem that might even lead to jail.

If you’re having problems, then you must address them right away. You shouldn’t leave them behind and hope the situation will be solved by itself. Contact the best attorney there is and let them do the job for you.

In this article, we’re going to explain why only the 5-star tax attorneys Atlanta can offer should be a part of your business plan. Attorneys that are on top of the list by being capable, like the Cumberland group that we mentioned.

They are experienced and recognize the problem

The best tax lawyers will be those who are experienced to recognize the problem without even taking a deeper dive in the notice. Most of the highly-experienced attorneys are also the ones that have already spent some time working on this and they are skilled to solve problems with ease.

If you’re having a much more serious situation, be sure that these guys will take a better look and will dedicate more thoroughly. However, most issues do not require vast research and exploration of options. The notice coming from the IRS is clear and these attorneys already had the chance to solve them so many times.

They can do it blindfolded. They know how to write the appeal if needed, what judge is appointed and how to approach them, and how to minimize damage if there’s no way out of the situation. In other words, an experienced lawyer will know how to get you out of jail. Everything else is a matter of money, and as you know, money comes and goes.

The jail option is much more serious because it is actually destroying your career. If you’re running a company and you fail to agree with the IRS about a particular issue, then going to jail will mean destroying the business.

Not because you won’t be there to run it, but because the reputation of the company will be entirely ruined. Let’s say that you’ve been selling shoes. No one will want to get into a store that was convicted of tax crime. And this is an industry that is in no way connected to economy and taxes. See more on this here.

Rating show who’s best

Before you choose someone you heard it’s great, you should throw an eye to the rankings of the attorneys in the US. Not just those official pages where you can find track records, but those coming from real people who already worked with different attorneys.

These rankings show you how great a particular experience with a lawyer might be, and how disastrous it can be. Some lawyers claim to be excellent in what they do, but they are actually not even skilled in tax law. There are lots of different attorneys and some of them might try to trick you into thinking they are excellent in this matter despite the fact they went to school and specialized something else.

Yes, they are attorneys, but they might be skilled in business law, or something similar. They thought they can handle this type of case too, but they were wrong. You don’t need these guys. Check their background and try to find a solution in a different way.

Search for attorneys that are proven to be great in what they do. Look for the best tax lawyers and pick those who are obviously excellent. Like the Cumberland Law Group who have years of experience and are highly professional in their work.

When do you need a tax attorney?

Whenever you receive the notice from the IRS, be sure that it’s time to seek legal help. Not just because you might not know how to act at that point, but because you might go wrong if you do something on your own.

Since there’s a lot on the stake here, it’s best not to risk anything. The notice might be something completely meaningless, but at the same time, it may be a highly serious issue.

The lawyers will know what to do. They’ll address the situation perfectly and will tell you what must be done. Sometimes there will be a need for serious legal actions and sometimes just a mail back to the IRS will be enough. The problem is – how will you know when and what to do?

Sometimes, the notice might be received too late. You might not be aware of the consequences or other things. You go to the lawyer too late and they tell you that there’s not much you can do. Make sure you take action immediately and prevent more damage as possible.

If you call the professional with time, they’ll have the options open. They’ll create a healthy case and you’ll have way more chances to get out intact. If there’s nothing you can do, then at least minimizing the damage will be done. This will hopefully get you out of jail and save your career.


When you need a lawyer for some reason, you know that the situation is critical. You don’t look for legal help unless something went wrong in your life. See more on the subject here: https://www.lifehack.org/274841/11-situations-where-you-need-lawyer-and-3-where-you-dont.

Lawyers are here to make our life easier. At the same time, they often make it harder if they are hired from the opposite party. Since the opposite party in this case is the government of the US, you know that you need some seriously good backup.

Hire only the best US tax lawyers for your problem and make sure you get out of it as safer as possible.

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