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Are Children Involved? Be Smart About Handling Domestic Violence

Any domestic violence situation is tenuous, but those that involve children are particularly unique. Children who witness domestic violence may become more likely to feel anxious, isolated, and vulnerable. They may exhibit physical symptoms as well, including experiencing stomachaches and headaches. To make sure children are properly looked after, there are steps people can take.

Immediate Health Concerns

When a situation arises, it can be important for children to stay physically safe. If possible, they can retreat to a bedroom that can be locked, with items of comfort that they can use to calm down. Older children may be instructed to go to a neighbor’s house until it’s safe to return.

Children from an early age should be taught to call 911 in case of emergency. Giving them access to a landline or cell phone can make it more convenient if they do need to call for help from an outside source.

Long-term Strategies

Counseling has been found to benefit many young people facing domestic violence situations at home. Having someone to talk to can help a child’s self-esteem and give him or her a chance to communicate openly with someone outside of the situation.

Speaking with a lawyer can also be useful if you’d like to explore your options. Contacting a domestic violence lawyer in Orlando, FL, for those from the area, can potentially result in a list of things someone can do to get out of a bad situation. Since custody issues can come into play when children are involved, having an attorney work with you to sort through the different scenarios can be eye-opening in terms of knowing what to expect.

Kids deserve to be protected and nurtured, even when the home environment is volatile. Though you may not always feel in control, there are things you can do to be pro-active and protective of your children.

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