Custody disputes can be messy and complicated. Sometimes courts order what is called supervised visitation, which allows the parents and child to spend time together in a safe environment. But there are things that a parent can do to be able to stop supervised visitation and achieve unsupervised visits.

Evaluate the Situation

The first thing to do is to evaluate the reason for the supervised visitations in the first place and be able to prove to the courts that this reason is not an issue anymore. There are many reasons for parents to be ordered supervised visitations, including if they were charged with domestic violence in Scottsdale. Substance abuse is also a reason for a parent to only receive supervised visits.

But there are things you can do to prove to the courts that those are things of the past and will not affect the safety or well-being of the child. Start by accepting and showing willingness to make the right positive changes in your life. Getting treatment and attending meetings is a great way to prove to the courts that you have changed your life around. This means it is important to always record and keep track of the steps you are taking. When it comes to child support, you also need to make sure that you always pay child support and make sure it is on time. This shows that you can be responsible and take care of your child.

Always Attend Scheduled Visitations and Keep Your Focus on the Child

If you are really looking to obtain unsupervised visitations, make sure that your supervised visits are always positive and focused on the child. This means always showing up and arriving on time for visits and never discussing the dispute with the child. As long as there are no issues during the supervised visits, a parent should be able to obtain unsupervised visits by following the right steps and receiving professional advice.