Workers who get injured during work can get worker’s compensation under Workers’ Compensation Law of Florida. They may get compensation for lost wages as well as expenses of medical care.

Who is Eligible For Workers’ Compensation?

There are lots of work related injuries. If a person suffers from back injury due to lifting of heavy objects on his or her workplace, he or she may develop back problems. A back injury can be really serious. It takes time to cure and may affect your work capacity in the long run. Severe back injury can permanently render you disable from work. This can result in severe financial problems for you. On the one hand you will suffer from loss of wages while on the other hand you will have to pay medical expenses. Similarly a fall may result in a broken arm and limb. Beside the physical and emotional suffering, medical care will prove to be a deterrent for you.

Why Do You Need An Experienced Attorney?

The workers’ compensation law in Florida is replete with complexities and traps. There are special rules made for First Responder workers’ compensation claims.  A single mistake in filing your claim can result in delay or outright rejection. That’s why in this depressed time you should not do all that on your own. You need an expert attorney who knows how to get you through the process.

Attorney Nancy L Cavey

She is a AV rated and board certified  workers’ compensation defense and claimant’s lawyer. She is very well experienced and qualified in workers’ compensation claims. The Law Office of Nancy L Cavey knows how to process a complex workers’ compensation claim. The attorney has 36 years of experience in this field and she knows how to maximize the chances of winning. She works hard to get you the maximum compensation for all the losses you suffered from as a result of the injury. Employers and worker’s compensation carriers do their maximum to cause delay in the process. Nancy L Cavey believes that you deserve to get the treatment you need no matter how expensive it is. And that’s why she strives hard to get you what you need.

What Will She Do After You Approach Her Office

After you contact the attorney’s office, she will do the following things:

  • The attorney will see whether you are eligible for the workers’ compensation benefits or not.
  • After determination of your eligibility she will file a petition to get you the maximum benefits you deserve and are allowable.
  • She will try to resolve the case without a trial during the mediation process.
  • But if the mediation process is not possible, she will aggressively represent and follow up your case at the trial.
  • You will not have to worry about the legal assistance. The attorney will include in her demands that the Workers’ Compensation carrier should pay for legal assistance and expenditures of the court.