If you feel like you’ve discovered something new or have discovered a new way of doing things using various forms of technologies, then you’re an inventor or an innovator – and for this you should be congratulated. Very few minds have the ability to make connections between things which are at first glance unrelated, and thereby create a product the world truly needs.

However, despite all noble intentions and the ability to think outside the box, it’s necessary that an inventor or innovator still keeps their feet on the ground and protects themselves. An invention or innovation has a way of leaking out to the public, leaving large corporations and the public benefiting from it, with the original maker without a protection of their investment. Do you have issues with patent infringement? Here’s how a lawyer can help you.

Your rights

From the moment you create something, you automatically have the legal rights to it. This is important: the product of your mind is just as important as the product that was made in the factory. Unfortunately, however, it’s hard to document the products of the mind – which is why patent registration is so important. Many geniuses in history have been abused simply because they didn’t see the practical use of having their invention registered. As an inventor, you have rights – and you have the right to ensure no one abuses your ideas without your permission.

Getting the patent

Getting the patent is actually quite straightforward – in fact, it only requires a stamp to the postal office (this is real – once it has been registered by an institution, it is considered as intellectual property). However, it’s always prudent to do more than that, and to make sure that the patent office has received your plans. Your solicitor can ensure there are loopholes for others to take advantage of, and secure your full legal rights. They also have access to patent writing software, making the process easier, faster, and more efficient.


Once you have your patent, you have the rights. Any infringement can be dealt with very swiftly.


If ever there is an infringement, you have the choice to mediate and settle the issue. You have the rights; you can choose to settle or take it further.

Creative minds are hardly concerned with issues such as the registration of ideas or inventions or innovations; it’s a common trait among geniuses and artists. Unfortunately those gifted with the rare gift of coming up with new ideas are often taken advantage of, and this needs to be halted. Inventions and innovations are intellectual products; they are equal or superior to products and services, and should be classified as such. You deserve the fruits of your labours, after all.