Corporate companies, now-a-days, are regularly subscribing in corporate social responsibility. CSR is something a company does for the betterment of environment, humans and for the welfare of the whole community. CSR helps a corporate company in increasing profitability and betterment at the work place.

Law firms in Dubai can also indulge into social responsibility programs. By doing CSR, a law firm can fortify the firm’s esteem and market status. CSR also helps lawyers and staff of the law firm be more meaningful towards their work and improve themselves as humans. CSR in law firms can be done in many ways. A law firm can simply find out a cause and give in whatever they can to assist the cause.

There are four things any law firm in Dubai needs to consider while contributing into Social responsibility.

  • Focus and Strategy: Social responsibility of a law firm in Dubai is to make a difference to the community as well in the firm by contributing time and talent effectively. A law firm needs to plan out a strategy and focus on how impactful it is. If there is no focus and strategy then, even best efforts will make no impact. Efforts in doing social responsibility must be meaningful for community as well as in interest of lawyers and staff of the firm.
  • Good policies make better decisions: Good strategy and focus provides base for an efficient social responsibility to any law firm in Dubai but a good policy helps in making better decisions. If  a law firm states out a proper policy it will help in when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’ in any cause that needs support. A law firm and its employees should know what is good and what is bad for the firm even while doing any social responsibility.
  • Engagement: A law firm in Dubai while doing any social responsibility should make sure that there is professional as well personal involvement of the staff. If they do not care for the organization’s betterment, they will only get involved for payments and will not give their best in supporting the cause.
  • Give back on investment: Any law firm in Dubai, while doing social responsibility, should make sure to measure the results and use them to make further decisions. A well thought strategy while doing social responsibility can benefit the firm as well the lawyers of the firm. If a law firm contributes whole-heartedly towards the social responsibility program, it in turn will definitely create more awareness and will have greater impact.

Today, corporate social responsibility is unavoidable for any law firm in Dubai. The ethics of law firm states that every lawyer of the law firm should contribute in community growth as well as development of country and get well in terms of social problems. The CSR helps a law firm to make a positive impact on society by doing their part of responsibility towards environment, overall community growth, employee benefit and civil rights.

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