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Here’s What You Need to Know about the Substance Evaluation Process

An Incredible Impact

Most people know that addictions and substance abuse have an incredible impact on the lives of everyone involved. This can affect the following:

* relationships

* deteriorating physical health

* an increase in medical care

These areas are affected in various levels and tend to lead individuals into dangerous and unlawful activities. Untreated people can cause much harm to anyone who is involved in their lives. There is good news for those who may suffer with this type of affliction. The substance abuse evaluation process tends to lead to many successful strategies that will foster success in their life. It is important to have a clear understanding about this entire process and then allow the solutions to emerge.

Addictions and substance abuse can be stopped, and people do have the ability to overcome their issues and go on to lead fulfilling lives. A good substance evaluation can increase the quality of life because there are many good tools available to those who choose to create positive changes in their life.

An Overview: Substance Abuse Evaluation

If you or someone you care about is considering obtaining a substance abuse evaluation, you will be better off knowing what this process is all about. This is the first step toward a happier life filled with hopeful new beginnings. The evaluation is an assessment surrounding drug and alcohol usage from the past and all current usage. Honesty is a great way to begin this evaluation. It is common to be asked to answer many questions about all drug and substance use.

This includes the family history about addictions and the impact on the lives of the family members. Honest answers will be very revealing to a substance abuse counsellor because it will form a clear picture of the needs of the person and family seeking help. The alcohol and drug screening will help to form a quality treatment plan that will provide useful tools and strategies to recover from the drug and substance use.

The purpose of this evaluation is to uncover the underlying reasons for buried mental health issues that lead to substance abuse and addictions. This includes anxiety and depression. The goal is to resolve the issues and to eliminate the need to cover up painful emotions with the use of drugs and other substances.

A certified counsellor will be the person who will be asking the questions and assessing the answers and all the information obtained from the assessment. Honest answers to all the questions will lead to an honest recovery and a successful outcome.

The Interview and Needed Information

The evaluation does tend to make people feel uneasy because their feelings will emerge as they face the truth of their drug usage and their current state of unhappiness. There will be some needed items and information to bring with during the evaluation. This information is necessary because it helps the addicted person to see how their addiction is impacting them and everyone around them. Include the following:

* criminal history report

* any arrests, tickets and past probation information

* DUI School Completion Certificate

* past treatment dates and places

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