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How A Criminal Record Can Affect Your Family Law Proceeding

Family law proceedings are different and can be difficult. When you are involved in such cases, your character as an individual will impact the result of the case. Such circumstances include child-custody cases, adoption, and divorce.

If you have any criminal charges leveled against you while you are going through the proceedings of the case or before the beginning of the case, such charges will reflect negatively on your record and will form a basis for how your case will turn out.

If this is your reality, you should hire a federal criminal defense attorney to help you out with your case. Let’s look at how criminal prosecution against you can impact your situation.

  1. You Lose Your Credibility

Even if you had criminal charges leveled against you many years ago, your record is already soiled, and the charges will make it harder for anyone to put their trust in you. For example, if you are asking for full custody in a divorce case, the charges you had in the past regarding drug use will make it difficult for you to win the case.

Even if you are presently clean, proving that you are a morally upright individual will take a lot of hard work. Also, if you were convicted of a minor traffic offense, you would have to enlist the services of a  competent attorney to help you get a better deal.

  1. You Could Lose Your Parental Rights

If you are trying to get custody of your child/children after a divorce, if you had been convicted of any crimes against minors, the chances are high that your visitation rights with your children will be considered much.

Sometimes, such charges are dropped by the claimant. However, even if they were, your parental rights will be significantly affected. Naturally, the court is there to protect citizens, including minors. If you were found to be a risk factor in their security, this could influence the direction your case goes.

  1. Divorce Cases Can Turn Against You

Naturally, in any divorce proceedings, all parties try to portray each other in negative ways. This is done in an effort for parties to get what they want. If you are unfortunate enough to have any criminal offenses on your record, your ex-partner will try and use them to impact you negatively. As a consequence, the existent reasons for a divorce may be overlooked.

  1. You Could Have Greater Financial Responsibility

Depending on the severity of the charges leveled against you, there is a chance that your criminal record will influence rules to the effect that you do not get any custody of your children. Additionally, even if you will be absent in your children’s lives, you will be required to pay hefty amounts in child support.

In such a case, you should try o hire an attorney that has experience in both sides of the spectrum. The lawyer you choose should be knowledgeable about criminal defense and family law.

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