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How to Handle an Offshore Oil Drilling Injury

When you’re in the industry of offshore drilling, it’s important to know how to get the help that you need if there’s an accident. By choosing an offshore injury attorney Clear Lake residents who have been injured get help. Contacting Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C. can show you how to proceed.

Identify the Cause

You need to identify why you got into the accident that you did. There may be a lack of safety equipment, training or another issue. Worker fatigue is another common reason for injuries because employees work such long hours. It can be physically and mentally exhausting. Once you identify the cause for the injury, it will be easier to establish what kind of case you have. An attorney can also help you establish proving how the injury occurred. If you know of witnesses, be sure that you identify them. Their statements can be important when proving that you not only experienced the accident but also that it was the fault of your employer (or something having to do with the rig that you are on).

Get the Care

Getting care as soon as possible is vital. Particularly if the accident has occurred while you are offshore, you may need to be brought ashore for your care. You may experience back pain, a traumatic brain injury, breathing problems, and a number of other injuries. It’s important to have a medical professional examine you in-depth within a day or two of the injury to ensure that they are connected appropriately.

Work with an Attorney

It’s critical that you work with an attorney who specializes in offshore oil drilling accidents. Often, settlements are made at pennies on the dollar in comparison to the expenses you may face. Especially if you are injured to such a severity that you cannot work within the same position, there are a number of challenges against you. Working with an attorney will ensure that you get help every step of the way. You can learn about what workers compensation offers as well as other legal routes that you may be able to take.

As soon as you get into an accident offshore, you need to identify that you have been injured. From there, reach out to an offshore injury attorney so that you can determine whether you should file a lawsuit or not.

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