When a couple decides to divorce, this can be a very emotional time. Most people enter into marriage with the thought that it will last forever. Suddenly they are faced with starting over, and this can be frightening and overwhelming, particularly if they have been together for several years. Many of the issues that will need to be addressed may be difficult to agree on, and problems will arise.

The Paperwork

Gathering all the legal documents is important. The couple will need to show their joint assets, obligations, and property that was acquired prior to and during the marriage. Additionally, their income and health and life insurance policies, as well as any legal separations or prenuptial agreements, will need to be examined by the attorneys the couple retains.

Living Arrangements

After marrying most couples buy a home unless one or the other already owns one. This is another issue that must be decided. Who will stay in the home? Are there children of the marriage? Does one spouse want to keep the home for the children to live in or will it be sold and the proceeds split among the couple? These are all decisions that must be made one way or another.


When a couple with children divorces, a custody arrangement must be arranged. Sometimes the children will live with one parent, but both parents will share custody. It is important that the children’s lives are disrupted as little as possible. One parent may have them during breaks and during the summer. Deciding on support for the children is another consideration.


Most of the time when a couple files for divorce, an order prohibiting either spouse from disposing of anything that is considered marital property is issued. This can include property, bank accounts, and vehicles. Their lawyers can explain to each exactly what they can and cannot do while the divorce is pending. A firm such as Torres Law can provide a divorce attorney in Orlando FL.

Most divorces are not simple. There are many issues that will need to be agreed upon. If the couple cannot agree, the decision will be made for them by the judge.