You may have spent years paying into the Social Security system.  It may strike you as unfair that when you apply for these benefits that the disability court turns you down for them.

The process for applying for and getting Social Security benefits can be time consuming, frustrating, and difficult if you go about it alone.  By retaining the services of a law firm, paralegal, or Social Security attorney San Antonio petitioners like you could get approved for your claims the first or second time you appear before the judge.

Proving Your Disability

When you go to disability court, you bear a unique burden of proving beyond a doubt that you cannot return to work.  The judge wants you to show that you have suffered such a severe illness or injury that going back to work would greatly compromise your health or possibly even end your life.

However, you may not know how to form an argument or get the records needed to prove your disability.  Your medical provider may not allow you access to the information.  You also may not know for sure what information the judge is asking you for during the hearing.

Your lawyer will know what records to subpoena and also know how to form an argument that will convince the judge.  With an attorney to guide your case, you could win your argument the first time you make an appearance in court.  If you do not win the first time, you could win on appeal and get a settlement for back Social Security benefits.

Vetting Legal Help

If you have never before hired an attorney for this purpose, you may not know what qualities to look for in a lawyer.  You can find an attorney to hire on the website.  You can also read more about his or her qualifications and expertise in this area of law.

Winning a Social Security disability case does not have to be an impossibility.  You can make your argument and win your rightful benefits by vetting and hiring an attorney on the website.