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Making Child Custody and Visitation Schedules


Custody schedules and visitation planning can be hard to agree on. Whether you are sharing physical and legal custody of your child with your former partner, or you have sole physical custody, possibilities are you will need to reach an agreement about visitation and custody.

Reaching an agreement combine about your visitation and custody schedule is the top case scenario. If you are capable to work out plan that matches you both, both parties are much more likely to stick to it, and you will be capable to spend less time in court. Try to work out an agreement that will match your own work schedules and needs of your kid as well.

Here are a few things to contain when you are setting up your custody schedule:

  • A holiday schedule, for school breaks, and official breaks
  • A regular rotating schedule, with drop off and pick up times
  • Recurring or seasonal events, like dance recitals, sports events, school functions and matched topics.
  • Summer holiday, if the children are in school
  • A few things to bear in mind when you plan you your visitation schedule after setting up the custody are:
    children react well to regular routines, so try to be consistent in your planning. If the children will be with Mom during the week and Dad on the holidays, pick either Saturday morning or Friday evening as the pick-up/drop-off time, and stick to that schedule each week.
  • Very little children and infants generally do better sleeping in their own houses, and having daytime visits with the non-custodial parent.
  • Older children, can be more stretchy in their schedules and many have sports events and daily activities that need to be accommodated as well.

You can work up a calendar with a plan that will work top for you and for your child, and present it to the judge in court, do not worry Law Offices of Evan Braunstein will help you in this plan. You can perform this yourself, or you can use a PC program to make it for you, using your wanted events and dates.  Using a program can be a remarkable choice if you are not sure what to add, or if you are not certain of how your plan should be presented. Visitation and custody program is designed to present your plan in an easy and clear to understand format, and you can present a efficiently designated visitation proposal to the court.

No issue how you make your visitation and custody plan, it is vital to work on it in advance, and have an idea of what schedule will job best for your children. If you present a broad plan to the judge, you stand a better chance of getting the schedule you want.

At the end of the day

There are so many factors to consider when deciding on your kid visitation and custody schedule. As you weight all of the different options, think of what will be the extremely top for your child physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is more vital than thinking about ease, convenience, or your comfort. Work as closely as you can with your ex-partner, in a civil a fashion possible, to make sure fairness.

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