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Things to Know About Bail

If you find yourself or a loved one arrested, even for a minor offense, you may need to pay a bail bond. Before searching “bail bonds Harrisburg PA,” you should understand the bail process.

Why Leave Jail

If your arrest is for a minor offense and you don’t have the money to pay your bail, you may think that staying in jail is the right option. However, getting out of jail will allow you to spend time on your defense. You will be able to meet with your lawyer when it is convenient and in a more relaxing environment.

In addition, sitting in jail prevents you from working and carrying on with your daily life. You cannot spend time with your family or fulfill your other life obligations. This may also negatively affect your employment.

Pay the Bail in Full

The court process can be lengthy. If you choose to pay your own bail, you must provide cash or collateral for the entire amount of the bail set by the judge or court official. You will not receive your bail money back until all your obligations have been met, including every court appearance, a trial and even court-required treatment programs have been completed or restitution has been paid. This may put you in a financial bind. In addition, if you miss any part of your obligation, you forfeit all your bail money.

Bail Bond Services

If your bail is significant, you may choose to contract a surety to cover the bail amount. You will pay the bail bondsman a specified fee, such as 10%, which is regulated by the state, of the total bail amount, and your bond will be secured. If you choose to use the surety bond system, you eliminate your risk. However, you will not typically receive the fee back from the surety. If you or someone you love is arrested, gain knowledge about the bail and court process. Then, choose the best payment option for you and your family.

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