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Transferring the Title of Your Home

You may have finally sold your Florida home, but the process of handing over the keys to the new owner can be a confusing one to tackle. The closing process includes many papers that need to be signed by both parties, but the good news is that you should have some professional assistance to help you navigate the paperwork.

The Role of the Buyer

Buyers typically purchase a new home through a mortgage loan. Because a lender is taking responsibility of the property, they want to know that the sale is legal and there’s no outstanding claims or liens on the property.

To guarantee the investment, a broker will usually require the new homeowner to enlist the help of a title company Ponte Vedra. These lawyers can do all the necessary background checks to make sure you are legally selling the property to the new owner. They also provide insurance to cover the damages should an issue arise during the transfer process.  

The Role of the Seller

As the seller, you may or may not need to attend the actual closing on the date the new owner takes possession. Many of the contracts that need your signature can be signed in advance, so you’re able to do it at a time and place that’s convenient for you. Once the deed has been successfully transferred, you can cancel any outstanding homeowners’ insurance policies or other utility payments.

To ensure a successful closing, ask questions along the way and above all, stay organized. Your attorney should provide some with this, but it doesn’t hurt to keep all your documents sorted and in a safe place. If something goes awry during the process, you’ll be able to present any information you need to resolve the problem.

There are many details you might run into leading up to the final closing date. However, you don’t need to do it all on your own. Lean on the professionals helping you with the process; they have lots of experience.

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