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Using Available Options to Get Out of Jail

After you are placed under arrest, your only thoughts may revolve around what you have to do to get out of jail as quickly as possible. You know that you have to be booked into jail and arraigned first. After that, you hope you are given the chance to bail yourself out of jail and go home to await your next court date.

When the judge in the arraignment hearing has granted you bail, you may have to come up with 10 percent of it in order to secure your freedom. By borrowing the money from friends or relatives, a short term lender, or a professional bondsman adams county colorado defendants like you could soon be on your way back home with the money fronted for your early release.

Making the Phone Call

You may not be able to call a bondsman until after you are formally arraigned. After that hearing, however, the law enforcement officers holding you may allow you to make a phone call to a local bonds company that can arrange for you to be bonded out of jail.

It is important for you to realize, however, that bondsmen are not like police officers and can pursue you with more assertiveness if you skip out on bail. With that in mind, you might consider carefully the contract you are about to sign. You are encouraged to be aware that you will have to make the payments on your bond amount and also show up for all of your court dates.

As long as you obey the terms of your contract, you will not risk being arrested again and taken back to jail. You will need to make timely payments on the principle as well as the service fees and interest. You also will need to arrive to all of your court dates and obey the rules of the court if you hope to stay out of jail.

You can find out more about the rules of being bonded out of jail on the website. You can also find the contact information for the local bonds agent.

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