Today, it is quite visible that most of the tragic accidents on roads are caused by large commercial trucks. Even statistics show that over 500,000 accidents are being caused by the commercial trucks either directly or indirectly. Out of these accidents over 5000 leads to death.

Now, what actually causes these road accidents? What are its common causes? Well, read on and get informed!

Drugs and Alcohol use

Most of the truck drivers still use non-medicinal drugs and alcohol while doing their job. While some takes all these substances at the stops in the towns, others even carry these substances while driving. No matter how they make use of these substances, it can be a great cause of the accidents that can make their driving impaired.

It is to be noted here that the use of these drugs isn’t only illegal, but also leads to many accidents on road. It is even possible that some of the prescription drugs that drivers use may also directly or indirectly affects impairment of their judgment and coordination that ultimately results in road accidents.


Some of the truck owners have a demand that their drivers need to reach specific destinations within particular time period. Well, this cannot always be achieved since they may face undesirable circumstances including bad weather conditions as well as traffic jams in some of the sections of road.

Nevertheless, the pressure makes the driver to drive beyond the normal speed limit as they may fear losing the job if they fail to meet the given deadlines. Overtaking by these large trucks at high speeds confuses the drivers of small vehicles that may lead to crashes, most out of which can be fatal.


It is even possible that the drivers may get bored out of driving many hours for longer distances. They might constantly look out for the things to keep them occupied. This urge may be harmful. For instance, if they use their phones to reply to text messages or for making phone calls, it may create a big distraction.

Apart from using the phone, even changing radio station while driving may lead to distraction and thereby may cause accident. If this kind of distraction takes place even for around fraction of second, it may result into breach of safety and cause an accident.

Poor truck maintenance and driver training

Before the truck drivers hit the roads with their large commercial vehicles, they must meet some minimum requirements and must be well trained. However, today some of the drivers don’t adhere to such guidelines. As a result, their less experience can be a cause of accident.

Moreover, truck owners are also needed to see whether their trucks are in optimal condition before it hits the road. However, they fail to do this due to the involved costs and time to maintain truck.

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