There are several divorce lawyers Sydney has to offer. This is one stream of law which has seen and continues to see an increase as days go by. The reason is that around half of the marriages in today’s day and age end in divorce. Now there is a possibility to get a no fault divorce. This even though is easier than having to go through divorce where one needs to prove that their spouse has wronged; still is a very emotional decision to make. Divorce necessitates that the parties contact a lawyer who will help them navigate through this traumatic period of their lives. Divorce lawyers stand by their client and help them make rational decisions even though the client may not be very clear headed during that phase of their lives.

The divorce lawyers are those that specialize in civil law and they during the normal course of their job have to handle a number of family law issues. These issues are not only limited to divorce but also include annulment and legal separation. They also handle child support, child custody and visitation rights. It could also include kidnapping by a parent and international laws especially when one of the spouses either live abroad or have temporarily been stationed there.

Educational requirements needed

If someone wants to specialize and be one of the divorce lawyers in Sydney has to offer, here are the educational requirements needed:

  1. They need to attend law school and also need to pass the bar exam.
  2. They could also select courses of family law which allows him or her to specialize in family dysfunction, child custody issues or property rights.
  3. When the law student is pursuing Juris Doctorate, they can simultaneously receive their certification in family law.
  4. There are some law schools which offer LLM or Master of Law which usually follows the JD.

What are the description and skills required?

A divorce lawyer is the one who needs to divide assets as well as the debts between the spouses. They also help with the terms and conditions of child support as well as child custody. They are required to do a lot of paper work so that they are able to gather supporting evidence. They then have to submit the paperwork along with the evidence to the court. In case of legal separations, the lawyer through the court orders carries out the separation.

The qualities needed by them are that they should be attentive listeners. The decisions that they make will seriously affect the lives of their clients. Hence they need to be conscientious and trustworthy. They also need to be non-judgmental so that their client’s interests are promoted. They need to have good interpersonal skills as there are various kinds of relationships they need to deal with. They also have to hone their skills of mediation, advocacy as well as resolving disputes through alternative means.

Thus this is a career for those that genuinely want to help people and to get on with their lives.