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What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Business Name

One of the first things to do when putting up a business is thinking up of a business name. These names allow easy identification between businesses, especially if several other businesses have similar products and services.

Choosing a business name should be taken seriously because it would be the permanent identity of a business. This name would represent a business and should be reflective of the company’s identity as much as possible, although some business owners would merely use their own names or abbreviations as the business name. Most importantly, the business name should be unique in order to avoid legal complications. It is important that the business name does not have any existing trademark.

Register and Trademark

Like products, business names should also be trademarked and not just registered. By trademarking a business name, this allows a business to have a unique identity and, most importantly, a trademark offers legal protection in such a way that others are not allowed to use that particular name for their own. Just registering a name does not legally prevent someone else from using it, unlike a trademarked name.

By trademarking the business name, business owners now have the intellectual property rights and they can use this name exclusively; if other people use this name, the business owner has grounds for legal action against them. This ensures that the identity of the business and the brand’s image is protected.

Keep Your Brands Image In Tact

Brand names are vital in marketing a business so the impressions and images connected to it should be in accordance to the image of the company. Without a trademark, anyone is free to use the name and attach images and ideas that may or may not be connected to the company’s ideals. This in turn could lead to a negative image of the brand and the business itself.

Franchising is no exception to this and it is even more important to trademark a franchise name, since there would be more than one person or entity that would handle the brand. Trademarking a franchise name ensures that the brand’s image is kept intact, regardless of who owns the franchise. For this, a franchise legal expert or team would be very helpful.

Choose a Franchise Legal Specialist

A franchise legal specialist is knowledgeable in the legal aspects of owning and operating a franchise, including those involving business names. They can also help file the appropriate documents in order to register and trademark a franchise business name if the franchiser has not yet done so. They can also aid in checking existing trademarks that might be in conflict with the proposed business names and prevent costly legal battles, such as copyright infringement. The franchise legal team will also ensure that your trademarked name is protected and that others will not be allowed to use them.

While franchisers can do it by themselves, trademarking a name with the help of a franchise legal expert would be extremely helpful to avoid unnecessary headaches and minimise legal complications in the future. Business owners can also ask these experts on how to better protect their business name and brand, aside from filing for a trade mark.

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