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When Is The Right Time To Involve A Divorce Attorney In Your Marriage?

“I want a divorce”. It is certainly a very saddening and painful statement. However, since it is spoken out loud, there will be only one question, which will ring in your head continuously – What will I do now? Mostly divorces are not sudden but in fact are the outcome of a bad marriage.

Well, nit does not matter how you ended up thinking about a divorce, be ready as the process is going to be quiet complicated and daunting. Many couples have taken divorce with mutual understanding without creating a lot of complications and most of them didn’t even hire lawyers. However, where divorce is concerned the do-it-yourself approach is never recommended.

Also, speaking to a divorce lawyer in LA, doesn’t mean that you have committed to the divorce. Sometimes, all you need is a little heads up in such situations. Nevertheless, any LA Divorce Attorney will take the time to understand your situation, and ultimately offer the best advice as per the law and regulations. So, it is ideal to contact a divorce attorney if any of the following situations arises…

Situations in which you must contact a divorce attorney

You or your spouse has already given up on the marriage:

Couples usually work on their differences throughout their married life. However, if one of the two stops giving in the required efforts, there are good chances that it may end up in divorce. You can try taking counselling but if it doesn’t work and the situation goes from bad to worst it is probably the time to see a lawyer and think of the divorces seriously.

Your spouse has already hired a lawyer:

This is an obvious situation where you must involve a lawyer but still many individuals think that the process will be completed faster if they just play along and don’t involve an attorney. Nevertheless, without any sort of counsel at your end it is very difficult to determine that your rights are taken care off. The thing is, if your spouse has already hired a lawyer, that attorney is expected to protect your spouse’s rights and not yours.

It is a bad divorce:

No wonder, every divorce is bad, but some are just extra bitter. You can easily judge from your years of fights and arguments that how the divorce will go. If you think it is going to be nasty, better hire a lawyer to advice you and support you throughout the proceedings.

If there is a custody issue:

If you have kids and you think there is going to be a custody dispute, it is ideal to involve a lawyer to take care of the situation. Divorces are usually very harsh on kids too and therefore it is ideal to wrap up the situation as quickly as possible with the help of an experienced divorce attorney.

A lot of assets are involved:

If a lot of assets like – bank accounts, investments, properties or business are involved, you need a lawyer to make sure that they are divided fairly. Your attorney will understand the nature of your assets and make sure they are divided properly amongst the two of you.

Lastly, if you are experiencing none of the situations mentioned above, you might still need a lawyer’s assistance to go through the vast amount of paperwork. If you have no experience in reading and understanding the terms of such legal documents, an attorney can prove to be of great help.


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