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Why You Need a Columbus Overtime Attorney

Under the law, the employer should compensate you for all the hours worked including the overtime. The only exemption is that category of employees who are exempted from overtime rules. Therefore, if you worked overtime and the employer did not compensate you well for the extra time, you can get your overtime pay, liquidated damages, and even attorney fees by employing the services of a reputable Columbus overtime attorney.  A highly experienced employment attorney will help you to determine whether you will pursue the overtime pay lawsuit against your employer or not. Several benefits come with the use of an overtime attorney to recover the unpaid overtime that the employer owes you.

First, the attorney will establish whether the employer broke the law by not paying your overtime dues. Columbus law tracks most aspects of the hour law and federal wage closely. However, some differences call for additional rights under the state law. The overtime lawyer will look at all these provisions and determine whether you have a valid case or not. There is no need to pursue a lawsuit that you are sure of losing even before you begin. The overtime attorney will look at how the employer broke the law before filing a legal suit. An experienced lawyer knows all the illegal tactics that employers use to deny their employees their overtime pay. He will use this knowledge and experience to make sure that you get what is rightfully yours.

The second thing you need to understand is that employment lawyers have expert knowledge and experience. These professionals use several years to acquire legal knowledge and know the best way of handling your case. The attorney will take care of the court documents, paperwork, and deadlines that come with the lawsuit.

The lawyer will also help you to consider the options that are at your disposal. It is good to talk to the lawyer immediately you discover that you are not getting fair pay. He will guide you on how and when to raise your claims and the evidence you will need to support your claims. Don’t forget to file the reactions of your employer to your complaints. Most employers will want to avoid a lawsuit once they discover that they are on the wrong. The lawyer will show you the right direction to take. You can go for out of court settlements if you are comfortable the formal response of the employer to your complaints.

The lawyer may also explain to you how long the case may take. He will also advise you on whether to pursue a class action or private lawsuit. If the employer has not paid your overtime hours, there is a high possibility that other employees are also suffering from the same. In some cases, it is better to present your lawsuit as a group and not a single individual. You may secure a better result by filing your trial as a group. The most important thing is that the overtime attorney will help you to get the desired results. It is more beneficial to hire the services of these legal experts if you want success in the case proceedings.

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