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Why You Need a Lawyer After an Auto Accident

When you’re involved in an auto accident, you find yourself thrust into an unnerving and frustrating experience. The accident itself is enough to leave you dazed, but the aftermath of the accident can also be disconcerting. As a result, you’ll tend to act rashly instead of taking the time to think about your reactions and the consequences of them. This is just one reason you should enlist the help of a dispassionate and rational personal injury attorney.
Filing Your Claim

You should consult auto accident lawyers in Henderson as soon after your accident as possible. While obtaining medical treatment is your priority, talking to a lawyer should be your next action. The reason this becomes such a time-sensitive issue is that, as soon as the other party’s insurance company is notified of the accident, they will send an adjuster to interview you.

The objective of the adjuster is to help the insurance company pay out as little as possible. This means the adjuster will ask difficult questions and pressure you to answer impulsively in the hopes that you’ll make statements damaging to your claim. When you hire a lawyer, he or she will be present for this interview to ensure it’s conducted fairly.
Negotiating for a Fair Settlement

Another job of the insurance adjuster is to offer you a quick cash settlement. They know that, once you accept a settlement, you’ll have forfeited any right to seek more damages in the future. The insurance company hopes you’ll accept a low settlement early, so they can settle the case cheaply. Your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. An auto injury lawyer, such as those at MLG Injury Lawyers, know how to estimate the total cost of recovery from auto accident injuries. This will help them obtain a fairer settlement offer for you.
Going to Court

While insurance companies are more likely to negotiate out of court, this isn’t always the case. If the insurance company is unwilling to negotiate, your lawyer will already be prepared to take the matter to civil court. Since your attorney has already been working on the case, they have likely formulated a strategy for pursuing the case in court. They may also have expert witnesses who are willing to testify on your behalf.

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Your lawyers will also be able to instruct you on what you can do to help your claim. For instance, they may advise you to stay off social media until the case has been settled, or they might ask you to cancel any plans you have previously made. Your lawyer isn’t trying to give you a hard time. They know that the insurance company’s lawyers will use your activities against you, so your attorney wants to minimize the ammunition you provide for them. This will help your lawyer obtain a more favorable outcome in your case.Browse the new and used cars on AutoVillage.

As this brief overview illustrates, there are very real benefits to hiring an auto accident attorney. An added benefit is that your lawyer will work for a contingency, which is a percentage of your award or settlement. This means you won’t have to worry about paying fees up front when you’re already suffering the financial burdens caused by the accident.

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