Looking for a skilled lawyer can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are plenty of lawyers to select from in every city. However, determining which of those people has the legal knowledge to represent you effectively is often easier said than done. There are far too many people who take a very lazy approach to hiring a lawyer. They simply crack open their local phone book and call the lawyer who has the most attractive advertisement. This is often a mistake that these people end up regretting in the future. You cannot get a good idea about what type of lawyer a person is by reading their ad in the phone book. It will take a lot more research than that. Here are a few useful tips that you will be able to take advantage of in order to get yourself the best legal representation.

1. How much time will you be able to devote to my case?

Lawyers are very busy people. All lawyers will be handling several cases at the same time. However, some lawyers have a much bigger load of cases than others. They will prioritize all of their cases. Therefore, you need to be positive that your lawyer does not put your particular case on the bottom of his or her stack. Ask the lawyer during your consultation to tell you honestly how much time will be devoted to your case. You will be paying very good money to hire a lawyer to work on your case. This is why you need to be certain that the lawyer you eventually hire will have enough time in his or her schedule to put some serious effort into your case.

2. How much experience do you have?

Be certain that your attorney has been practicing for many years. You should never trust the handling of your case to a lawyer who has under four years of experience. There are many unexpected issues that could arise during your case. An experienced lawyer will know the best ways to go about handling these issues in a way that puts you in a good position to win. Cordell and Cordell has a team of lawyers who all have many years of experience.

 3. How much are your fees and how will I be billed?

You need to make sure you completely understand the fee structure of any lawyer you decide to hire. Find out how much he or she charges per hour. You should also ask how much money the lawyer needs up front to begin working on your case. Will the lawyer utilize legal assistants or paralegals in the handling of your case? If so, you should ask for the fees to be lowered. Many lawyers are willing to negotiate their fees under the right circumstances. Cordell Cordell has affordable rates for clients of all income levels.

 4. Is there another way I can go about resolving my legal situation?

Ask the lawyer if you would be better off handling your case through arbitration or another method that will not be as costly as going to court. All reputable lawyers will give you an honest appraisal of your case and how you should handle it. They will also tell you your odds of winning.