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When To File a Workers’ Compensation Claim and Why Hire an Attorney

In the workplace, you should expect a safe environment where you can accomplish your tasks and feel comfortable coming to work each day. Though accidents can happen, some incidents in the workplace can cause significant harm. The most severe injuries can be life-threatening and impact your ability to continue working. If your injury occurred while you were engaged in regular work duties, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits. If your company or the insurance provider ignores or denies your claims, you may need the help of an experienced workers compensation attorney Oregon.

When Coverage Is Possible

Workers’ Compensation provides medical coverage and income protection for on-the-job injuries. You can also receive benefits for becoming ill due to exposure at work. The insurance can pay for your doctor’s office and hospital visits, medication, treatment, surgeries and medical equipment. You don’t even have to be injured in the workplace, as long as the accident occurred while you were engaged in the employ of your regular responsibilities.

The Process

As soon as possible after your injury, you should report the incident to your manager or human resource representative. Your employer should walk you through the next steps of where to go for diagnosis, care and treatment of your injuries. Meanwhile, the human resource team will help you file a claim with Workers’ Compensation. Medical providers should bill Workers’ Compensation directly. If you pay anything out of pocket, the insurance should reimburse you.

When To Hire a Lawyer

Many employers are helpful throughout this process and do their part to get injured employees the resources they need for coverage. However, if your employer is making these steps difficult, you should speak to a workers compensation attorney Oregon. Hiring an attorney is the right decision when your employer doesn’t follow through after you report the injury or if management disbelieved or ignores you. If the matter reaches Workers’ Compensation, but insurance representatives refuse to cover your injuries, an attorney can protect your rights and interests.

What an Attorney Will Do

A workers compensation attorney Oregon understands how insurance companies work. This professional has in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing Workers’ Compensation. Your attorney will speak on your behalf with your employer and insurance provider to get you the coverage you deserve. Your lawyer will review your case and speak with witnesses. You can expect a thorough investigation and case-building effort from your legal counsel.

Suffering an injury can be physically and emotionally challenging. If you are treated unfairly by your employer or the insurance company, it can make matters even more difficult. If you are not getting the results you need, contact a lawyer today.

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